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3 Things Caregivers Wish You Knew

Aging can be overwhelming at times. Between doctor appointments, getting around town, cooking, cleaning, gardening and more, tasks can pile up fast, which can leave you feeling exhausted.

That’s where professional caregivers come in. When it concerns your health and well-being, caregivers share the same goal as you—they want to help you live your best life! Professional caregivers include home health aides and certified nursing assistants, and they help you manage the complexities of aging in today’s world.

Here are three things professional caregivers wish you knew:

You Don’t Need To Do It All on Your Own

It’s hard to ask for help, yet often when we do, it changes everything for the better.

In particular, asking for help reduces stress. Stress affects every part of our bodies. Excessive, prolonged stress can result in high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, insomnia and other impacts on health. In order to feel your best, it’s important to reduce stress.

Professional caregivers can help you tackle everyday household chores, reducing your stress level. No matter how busy or complicated your life is, caregivers can help ensure that your home remains a sanctuary for you by keeping it neat and tidy and free from tripping hazards. This is an amazing benefit!

Have you forgotten to schedule a doctor appointment or even to go to the appointment altogether? It’s so frustrating! But, it happens to us all. Caregivers can help keep things on track, which is critical when it comes to the health and well-being of older adults. Caregivers can coordinate medical appointments, attend them with you and take notes, and even provide supervision for a doctor-prescribed exercise regimen.

Seeing You Happy Makes Caregivers Happy

With a professional caregiver, not only will you feel on top of daily tasks, but you’ll also have more free time to physically and mentally engage in activities you find rewarding. Whether you hope to spend more time outside, listen to music more often, or exercise more, caregivers can help you continue enjoying life by prioritizing what’s most important to you.

For instance, physical activity boosts brain health in addition to physical health. Brain-boosting activities including puzzles, cards and listening to music help improve memory and focus. Both physical activities and brain-boosting activities are critical as we age. Caregivers can help you enjoy these types of benefits to your health.

Best of all, caregivers enjoy engaging in activities with you. Maybe there’s a book you’ve been hoping to read or discuss, or a meal you really wish you could have for dinner. Maybe you’re looking for new ways to fit exercise into your daily routine. Caregivers can provide companionship, socialization opportunities, meal preparation, and interactive activities.

Let Your Caregiver Help You Handle the Hard Stuff

Professional caregivers are experienced in some of the tougher obstacles that older adults may face as they age. If taking a shower or getting dressed has become too difficult to do on your own, caregivers can assist with these personal care tasks. Or perhaps you have memory trouble, having forgotten to take your medication on more than one occasion. Caregivers can provide medication reminders so you don’t miss a dose. And if you are unable to drive to your doctor appointment or the grocery store, caregivers can provide transportation so you don’t miss these important appointments and errands.

Professional caregivers help you navigate your aging journey and provide you and your family peace of mind so you can live your best life. Right at Home* can match you with a compatible, qualified caregiver to support your personal, social and health needs. Contact your local Right at Home today and ask for a free in-home consultation.

*Home care services vary by location.

Shelby Fisk is a writer who is passionate about connecting individuals to information that can improve their lives. She works extensively on wellness and education initiatives. You can find her on Twitter at @shelbyfisk.
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