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Tips To Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

The leaves are tumbling, pumpkin spice is wafting through the air, and chilly breezes have replaced the warm embrace of summer—sure signs that cold and flu season is about to knock on our doors. While the cold and flu are, unfortunately, annual guests in our lives, preparedness can make all the difference in how we navigate through these challenging times, ensuring not just our well-being but protecting those around us too.


Cold and Flu season is upon us. Be prepared with these tips for keeping you and your loved ones healthy.

  • Stay informed. Understand what different viruses are circulating and their symptoms.
  • Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Eat your vitamins. Boost your immune system with a balanced diet rich in whole grains, leafy greens, lean protein, citrus fruit, and nuts or seeds.
  • Stockpile supplies. Be sure to have tissues, hand sanitizer, throat lozenges and any other supplies on hand.
  • Get vaccinated! Vaccines are available for the seasonal flu, COVID-19 and RSV. Now is the time to get these vaccines.
  • Get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep helps your body repair your immune system.
  • Stay hydrated. Cold and flu viruses thrive in dry environments, so drink water, broth or warm tea.
  • Clean and disinfect. Keep your home free of germs by sanitizing high-touch areas like doorknobs, remote controls and light switches.

Most importantly, know when and where to get help if your symptoms are not manageable.

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