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Morel mushroom pizza
Published By Michele Fan on April 26, 2018

Community-Supported Agriculture Farms Help Promote Sustainable Food Production

Seasonal ingredients sourced locally are likely the freshest and most flavorful. Before farmers markets return to the community, you might have heard discussions about CSA subscriptions—purchasing a share of a Community-Supported Agriculture farm in return for a box of seasonal produce (some farms also offer meat, eggs and dairy) every week throughout the growing season.

CSA farms promote sustainable food production; many participating farms are also certified organic. CSA farms list the produce they grow each season as well as details of their subscription share size; some CSA farms even offer recipes and cooking ideas on how to use the seasonal ingredients. If you like the idea of knowing where your food comes from and perhaps skipping the weekly trip to the grocery store altogether, joining a CSA farm could be a good option for you.

10 Fruits and Vegetables to Eat in Spring

We selected 10 spring produce items from the USDA and Fruits & Veggies—More Matters websites. Incorporate these fruits and vegetables into your diet this spring:

1. Arugula
2. Asparagus
3. Broccoli
4. Mango
5. Mushrooms
6. Onions
7. Oranges
8. Rhubarb
9. Strawberries
10. Watercress

Here are some ideas on how you can whip up a spring dinner party with the above ingredients:

What are your favorite spring recipes? Share with us!

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