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Published By Right at Home on September 22, 2020

Tiny homes. They are all the rage. Young people are building them so they can exit college with fewer bills and own their home, mortgage-free. However, they’re not just for young couples and singles anymore. Retirees are looking at going tiny as a viable option, too.

If tiny homes have caught your eye, and you think you’d like to own one in retirement, you need to read this first. Learn what your options are, what bumps might be in the road, and the best way to plan your retirement escape to the tiny living life.

No Matter What Life You Picture in Retirement, You Can Do It Tiny in a Big Way

Weekend Warrior – Not sure if you can handle living small? Consider trying out a tiny home for short periods at first, but you don’t need to purchase one to do it. Many vacation rentals now feature tiny homes, even Airbnb. Take weekend getaways and enjoy visiting the grandkids. Going tiny is a massive change for most people. Take advantage of your options and give it a whirl before you fully commit to it.

Permanent Parker – Tiny house villages are popping up all over the country. These are communities that have clubhouses, community gardens, and like-minded people of all ages who were drawn to the tiny life for many reasons. Enjoy planned activities that create a sense of small community that encourages getting to know your neighbors. You can take part as you feel like it and enjoy your own space and small yard as well. Some of these communities have homes set up and for sale, ready to move into tomorrow.

Grandparent Parking – This is a great way to live with your kids and take part in the lives of your grandchildren, while still maintaining your own space. Hopefully, it’s rent-free too! Parking a tiny house on the property that your kids own is a great way to tie in to utilities and be close to those you love on a very fixed income, all while maintaining your autonomy. This is a wonderful option as an updated version of the mother-in-law suite for the older adult with health issues that keep them close to their doctor or VA hospital.

Migrating Snowbirds – Decided that snow is no longer your cup of tea? No problem! You can easily rent a lot, or even purchase a zoned tiny home lot for far less than a campground fee in most locations, and keep a lot in a warm state and one in a cooler state so you can travel back and forth with the seasons. Campgrounds in Florida can easily be $1,200 or more per month. With a tiny home, you can find a lot with proper zoning and have a mortgage payment of less than $200 in most places.

Full-time Wandering Warrior – You’ve decided to see the United States and perhaps even Canada. You plan to visit a state at a time and spend several weeks or even months getting to know the locals and enjoying the cultures as your travels take you. You could spend your time in the wide-open spaces away from civilization, or choose to enjoy the cultural draws of museums, concerts and sporting events that can only be experienced in the big cities.

The Retirement Home Pad – You might purchase a piece of property and park your tiny home on a more permanent basis. You plant your garden, set up a mailbox with your new permanent address, and make yourself at home on the property you can leave easily enough if you decide to visit the grandkids or take a vacation—you’ll just simply take your home with you.

Go Big by Going Tiny

You’ll have more options with a tiny home than with any other housing choice you can make in retirement. You won’t be saddled with HOA fees or space you don’t need, nor will you be bound to stay somewhere forever if you don’t want to. When you go, you take your home with you.

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