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Published By Rita Ude on November 03, 2016

The November edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter is now available! Below are descriptions of two articles you can find in the edition:

Do you have a friend — or maybe it’s you — who does so much to keep a senior relative safe and well-cared for, yet never thinks they’re doing a good-enough job? Sometimes we set standards for ourselves that are unrealistic. Read “Seven Myths That Lead to Caregiver Guilt” to learn more.

Are you ready for this election season to be over? It seems that 2016 has brought a record amount of disagreement among Americans! But almost all of us worry about the well-being of older relatives — maybe that’s why a bipartisan task force recently was able to agree on a set of recommendations. Read about it in “Concern for Seniors Cuts Across Party Lines.”

Find more information, advice and support for adult caregiving in the just-released edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter!

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