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Buying Gifts for Your Elderly Loved Ones Have You Stumped?

Peek Under Our Tree for a Few Gift Ideas

Buying your elderly loved ones just the right gifts can be a challenge. Whether it is your mom, dad, grandparents or great-aunt, they deserve to feel loved and cherished in the giving season. To help in your search, we’ve done some shopping to give you a few gift ideas.

Keepsake Gifts That Will Bring Smiles

Consider turning that box of old photos you’ve been storing (or ignoring) in the back of the closet into a gift album that will bring back good memories.

Order a custom blanket or pillow with a picture of your parents’ pet or a funny or inspirational quote.

To brighten the senior’s days, give a personalized calendar with different photos of family members designated for each month, and include family birthdays and other special reminders for convenience.

Technology Isn’t Just for Kids

You may be surprised to learn that 63% of seniors over the age of 65 have smartphones. Consider giving them the gift of technology in the form of an upgrade to a smartphone with a larger screen, loudspeakers and bigger buttons. Plus, face time can be more enjoyable on a larger screen.

Your loved one may enjoy a tablet. There are many different brands from which to choose. Your loved one can browse the internet, play games, and video chat with the latest tablet. Plus, they are available in many different sizes to accommodate vision.

Smartphones and tablets have voice recognition and can provide comfort for you and your loved one with the addition of medical alerts and fall detection. These devices also allow voice typing.

The Gift of a Little Pampering Is Always Welcomed

How about a gift card or two? Who doesn’t enjoy a manicure and pedicure? And don’t think a mani-pedi is only for women. Men like them too!

If your aging loved one likes the theatre or symphony, consider tickets for a performance you think they would like. To add to the enjoyment of the afternoon or evening out, purchase a Lyft or Uber gift card to chauffer them.

Give a gift card to your grandparents’ favorite restaurant.

Add some relaxation for your loved one with a back or neck massager. An armchair caddy for television remotes, cellphones, and a snack or two will offer convenience as well. Throw in some cozy slippers and a warm blanket for added comfort.

You know your great-aunt enjoys music. A CD player along with CDs from her favorite era or genre will bring her joy. Or consider creating a music playlist. Research has shown that music can evoke emotions and trigger memories in those who have Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia.

In the News

Do your parents like to stay up to date on the news of the day? Consider a subscription to their local newspaper, a national newspaper, or news magazine. Publications are online, too, with your subscription. In fact, you can pair that new tablet with a subscription they’d enjoy.

If a loved one has a hobby, search the internet for publications featuring their hobby. Monthly magazines highlight what’s new for a variety of topics such as gardening, cooking, travel, etc. Select a topic you know your loved one will enjoy.

The Gift of Time

You also could put on your creative hat and make coupons for things you can do for your elderly loved one. This could include gutter cleaning, holiday decoration install/dismantle, or other handyman tasks they might feel hesitant to ask for help with. Another idea is a coupon for optimizing the setup of their smartphone or helping them find apps they would enjoy.

Respite Care for Peace of Mind

If you know a family caregiver who is caring for an aging loved one and is overwhelmed and stressed, Right at Home offers respite care so the family caregiver can take time for themselves and reenergize. Right at Home’s trained and bonded caregivers can help from just a couple of hours a day up to 24/7 care. Find the location nearest you to get more information.

Hopefully these suggestions get you started on your search for just the right gift. For more ideas, check out Daily Caring or The Senior List, or search the internet for “gifts for seniors.”

Marsha Johns, blog author

Marsha Johns is a veteran health care marketer and award-winning writer. She strives to make medical topics understandable and relatable for all readers.

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