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karl beaucamp caregiver of the year 2020 regional winner
Published By Hilary Young on February 13, 2020

“I have a learning disability and a slight speech impediment, which has made a lot of jobs hard for me,” says Karl Beaucamp. “I was working in the fast food industry and struggling to pay my bills, but I live in a small town and it was hard to find new opportunities.”

Until he discovered an opening for a caregiver with Right at Home Lima, Ohio.

Beaucamp joined Right at Home in March 2018 and received training from the in-home care agency. He also took a state-run autism training course so he could further his skills in caring for adults with developmental disabilities in his community.

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“This job with Right at Home has changed my life,” Beaucamp says. “It’s opened my eyes, and every day I try to motivate others and make them happy. I have always enjoyed helping others. I would do this for free, to be honest. I love my job, and I love my clients.”

Award and Recognition: Building a Career in Home Care

Today, Beaucamp typically has anywhere between seven to 10 clients on his regular schedule. Although they are all adults with a variety of developmental disabilities, they are all very different.

“Some of my clients have more abilities than others, but I love all of them,” says Beaucamp. “I like to do fun things with them. I suggested to one client that we go to the racetrack to watch car races. He loved it! I always used to go with my grandfather as a kid, and I’m glad I get to go with my client now and experience how much he enjoys it.”

Beaucamp’s love of his job is clear in all that he does as a Right at Home caregiver. His boss and owner of Right at Home in Lima, Sandra Bullock, nominated Beaucamp for the 2020 Caregiver of the Year award. He was recognized as a regional winner and an all-around exceptional caregiver.

“Karl is punctual and dependable,” says Bullock. “He often stays over his shift, or comes in early to help others. He extends his help to both co-workers and clients. We recently promoted Karl to Caregiver Mentor since he gets along well with every one of his co-workers and clients.”

Beaucamp doesn’t think that what he does is so impressive, however. He simply sees himself as someone who is patient and willing to take time to spend his days with adults who have functional needs.

“Even though some days can be stressful, I still go to work every day with a smile on my face,” says Beaucamp.

When Caregiving Also Helps the Caregiver

Growing up as a student in classes that addressed the functional needs of people with disabilities, Beaucamp relates to many of the clients he works with through Right at Home.

“I can really understand what our clients with functional needs are going through, and I just want them to be successful,” Beaucamp says. “I give 110% every day when I go to work. I’ve been bullied and I’ve been picked on — I know how that feels. I try to protect my clients from experiencing that.”

Beaucamp was incredibly close with his grandfather, who was one of his biggest cheerleaders. When his grandfather passed away six years ago, Beaucamp felt lost, but he credits his work with Right at Home for cheering him up and taking his mind off how much he misses his grandfather.

“Karl’s grandfather was Karl’s strongest supporter,” says Bullock. “While growing up, Karl’s grandfather always told Karl that he could be anything and do anything he set his mind to. The many inspiring words Karl’s grandfather said and the acts of kindness he showed helped build the character that is within Karl today.”

And it’s not lost on Beaucamp that his grandfather would probably be the proudest of all that Beaucamp has accomplished in the last two years.

“My whole family is really proud of me, but I know my grandfather is looking down on me and cheering me on,” says Beaucamp. “Working with adults with functional needs has made my life better in so many ways. It has provided me the opportunity to stop focusing on bad things in my life. My clients give me so much love, and I really embrace it.”

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