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Finding Reliable Healthcare Information Online
Published By Right at Home on February 03, 2021

When it comes to health and wellness, it seems as if everyone has an opinion. But it can be dangerous to listen to the wrong one! How can we tell reliable sources from misinformation? Here is a “cheat sheet” to help.

Finding Reliable Healthcare Information Online

Health information … or misinformation? Before surfing the “information superhighway” for health advice, check out these road signs first:


  • Government agency websites
  • Universities and research institutions
  • Professional and nonprofit groups
  • Reputable businesses
  • Legitimate news sources


  • Social media comments and memes
  • Support group chat rooms
  • Celebrity or influencer blogs
  • Entertainment websites
  • “Clickbait” or sensationalized headlines


  • Selling a “miracle cure”
  • Sites with no contact information
  • Asking for your financial information
  • Dismissive of legitimate medicine
  • Spelling and grammatical errors

TWO GOOD PLACES TO START offers a directory of legitimate, government-approved health information sources (

Talk to your healthcare provider. Your doctor is the best source of information.

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