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Published By Beth Lueders on December 06, 2016

Gift Ideas for Seniors Who Don’t Want Anything

There are only so many sweaters, lotions and historical novels you can buy for the older adults in your life. Tired of scrambling to find the just-right gift for Mom, Dad and Aunt Lorraine when they keep telling you, “Oh, I don’t need anything”? Remember that potato-seasoning set from last Christmas or the recycled-glass cat night light? They’ve forgiven you and this year we are here to help you with practical, meaningful gifts for seniors on your holiday list.

Light-Touch Massage and Reflexology

For older adults, especially those with sensitive, thin skin, gentle-touch massage can reduce the pain, stiffness and muscle tension of arthritis, joint injury and slowed circulation. The bodywork also releases stress and helps lift depression and anxiety. Reflexology, also called zone therapy, applies thumb, finger and head pressure to points on a person’s hands and feet that coordinate with a system of zones in the body. Benefits of reflexology include aiding in digestion, calming of cognitive disorders and increasing limb motion.

Gift certificates for light-touch massage and reflexology are invaluable gifts. Many Right at Home offices now offer Compassionate Touch®, the science of combining skilled touch — including hand, back and foot massage — with a compassionate personal presence. The combined methods help ease physical, emotional and psychosocial distress and assist clients showing symptoms of dementia.

Memory Books

A number of memory journals or do-it-yourself memoir books are available to help seniors record handwritten remembrances for younger members of the family. These books create special opportunities to pass along stories and words of wisdom. The autobiographical notebooks include space for questions such as “who was your best childhood friend?” and “what skills did you inherit from your parents?”

Gift Vouchers

Seniors appreciate practical prepaid gift cards for their everyday expenses. Do a little snooping around to find out their veterinarian, hair stylist, pharmacy or grocery store. Buy gift certificates for these businesses or consider treating your older loved one to car washes, yard work or housecleaning.

Gift ideas with lower price tags include a book of beloved family photos, a framed piece of a grandchild’s artwork and large-print board and card games. That sand art kit and floral birdfeeder you had on your list can wait.

What fun gifts and meaningful activities for seniors can you suggest for holiday gifts?

An award-winning journalist who has documented stories in nearly 20 countries, Beth Lueders is an author, writer and speaker who frequently reports on diverse topics, including aging and health issues for both U.S. and international corporations.

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