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Infographic: Give Your Eating Habits a Makeover

We read a lot about “anti-aging” products. But in fact, one of the best ways to avoid and even reverse some of the health issues we might face in our later years is to choose a nutritious, healthy diet every day—and to avoid unhealthy foods. Check out this infographic to find some simple, beneficial substitutions to make in meals and snacks.


Your health care provider can suggest an eating plan that’s right for you. Right at Home’s professional in-home caregivers can help, with meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping, and companionship to help clients eat well.

Give Your Eating Habits a Makeover

Small changes can make a big difference.

Simple food swaps can help you get the nutrients you need, maintain a healthy weight, and lower the risk of chronic disease.

Instead of … Choose …
Salt Herbs and spices
White bread Whole-grain bread
Fried food Stir-fried food
Pastries Fresh fruit
Butter Olive oil
Sugary drinks Sparkling water
Red meats Fish
Potato chips Plain popcorn

Talk to your doctor about an eating plan that’s right for you!

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