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Published By Right at Home on March 31, 2021

Your doctor gives you advice about medications, medical treatments and your health conditions. But that’s just the beginning. Your healthcare provider also is the best source of information about a wide variety of lifestyle matters. Here are topics to discuss during your next checkup.

 Senior-Wellness-Prescriptions-You-Don't-Fill-at-the-Pharmacy Infographic 

Senior Wellness “Prescriptions” You Don’t Fill at the Pharmacy

Talk to your doctor about:   


  • An all-around healthy eating plan
  • Dietary restrictions for your health conditions
  • Foods that might interact with your medications

Physical Activity

  • An appropriate all-around exercise program
  • Modified activities for your health conditions
  • A referral for senior exercise classes and experts


  • A driving safety evaluation and referral
  • What to include in your emergency plans
  • Reducing your fall risk, including home safety


  • Insomnia, apnea or other sleep problems
  • Alternatives to sleep medications
  • A recommendation to a sleep specialist

Mental Health

  • Avoiding isolation, especially at this time
  • Symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Substance misuse—smoking, alcohol, drugs

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