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Published By Rita Ude on July 28, 2016

Legal Issues for Family Caregivers; Is Yoga Safe for Seniors With Joint Pain?

The August edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter is now available! Below are descriptions of two articles you can find in the edition:

When an elderly loved one needs hands-on care, the first reaction of family might be, “I’m not a nurse! I don’t know what to do!” But it’s actually just as likely that family will encounter legal tasks that have them saying, “I’m confused! I’m not a lawyer.” To learn more, read “Stepping In, Stepping Up: Legal Issues for Family Caregivers.”

Recent studies have confirmed the benefits of yoga—everything from reducing stress to improving memory. Since yoga works our joints extensively, is it safe for seniors with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis? Read “I Have Arthritis. Is Yoga Right for Me?”

Find more information, advice and support for adult caregiving in the just-released edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter!

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