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Life Hacks That Help Boomers Age in Place

6 Easy Life Hacks for Seniors

Life hacks refer to things that make your life a little bit easier. They are abundant in many categories—from project building to clothes making and even how to cook outdoors when stranded on an island! To me, life hacks are the quickest and easiest ways to complete a task.

And below is a list of life hacks that I learned from the collective wisdom of the internet. They are incredibly handy for boomers and anyone who intends to age in place!

1: Don’t get twisted

Electrical cords are tripping hazards. Bread clips and twist ties can be re-used to hold messy cords up. Some people even use bread clips to hold the phone charger cable up so the USB connector does not get stepped on repeatedly and destroyed.

2: What’s the key?

Do you have a million keys on your keychain and it takes so much time to find the right key to the right door? Color code your keys with fingernail polish or customize them with scrapbook paper! Now you can tell one key from another and quickly open doors with the right keys!

3: It’s a wrap!

Arthritis, or a lack of strength can make grabbing objects such as shampoo bottles, cup and remote controls hard. Use rubber bands to wrap around them and they will be easier to grip!

4: Late again!

If you keep missing the alarm on your smartphone, you may try put the phone in a cereal bowl, a glass cup or a paper cup near your bed to give it a volume boost. Just don’t press the snooze button and go back to sleep though.

5: Better than peas

Icepack may leak; but you can avoid that by making a DIY icepack with a frozen wet sponge in a Ziploc bag.

6: Tennis Balls

You may have seen it before—people put tennis balls on the bottom of their walkers to help moving around the house easier!

Share your life hacks for aging in place with us!

Author Valerie Jurik-Henry

Valerie Jurik-Henry is a professional national speaker on aging in place, a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), an author and a business adviser/consultant. With over 30 years’ experience in healthcare and housing, she has a unique view when it comes to educating families, businesses and industries.

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