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Embracing Each Day: A Right at Home Agency Owner Lives With MS

Each morning, Kami Sjoberg, co-owner of Right at Home of Southwest Kansas City, greets the day guided by the simple principle of carpe diem (translated: seize the day). She understands firsthand that no one ever knows what tomorrow will bring.

A Look Back

Twenty-five years ago at age 29, Kami learned she had multiple sclerosis (MS), a debilitating disease that compromises the central nervous system, impacting the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. Kami’s MS was diagnosed as relapsing-remitting MS, a type in which there are relapses followed by periods of stability. MS is incurable.

Right at Home first told Kami’s story in a 2018 blog in which she described the symptoms she was experiencing and what led her to seek answers. Her symptoms came on suddenly, and after medical tests and consultations, she was told she had MS. March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, an opportunity for us to catch up with Kami to find out how things are going five years later. Thankfully, so far, she has been relapse-free.

Helping Others Seize the Day With Right at Home

Through the years, Kami and her husband, Scott, often talked about their experiences of both needing care and caregiving. They were inspired by others with MS as they volunteered with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. In 2010, the couple decided to get into the caregiving business. Their decision led them to Right at Home.

“We chose Right at Home because we believed its founder, Allen Hager, had the right vision, and we were impressed with the corporate staff,” says Kami.

Initially serving Overland Park, Kansas, Kami and Scott have grown the business to serve the greater Kansas City area and added a satellite office in Lawrence, Kansas. “Our clients inspire us to give the highest level of service,” says Kami. “They deserve respect, love, dignity and joy. Scott and I are blessed to serve others. We feel it is our calling.”

Living With MS – Words of Inspiration

How does Kami juggle a busy business, family activities, and community involvement without her health being affected? “I listen to my body and get extra rest when my body is telling me to do so,” says Kami. “I also treat myself to monthly massages and stay positive.”

The entire Sjoberg family continues to be active in the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and works to raise money for the organization by participating in the annual Walk MS® and the 150-mile, two-day Bike MS® in Kansas City.

“I hope others with MS live their lives and not an MS life, don’t let MS define them, and seize each day,” says Kami.

About Right at Home

Right at Home is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those we serve. Our mission is fulfilled through a dedicated network of mostly locally owned offices that provide in-home care and health care staffing services. Founded in 1995, Right at Home serves seniors and adults with disabilities who want to live independently. Sign up for our monthly email newsletter that provides information, advice and support for older adults and family caregivers.

Marsha Johns, blog author

Marsha Johns is a veteran health care marketer and award-winning writer. She strives to make medical topics understandable and relatable for all readers.

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