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cognitive change
Published By Right at Home on September 05, 2017

Millions of Americans live with cognitive change, a decline of mental functioning that can affect memory, reasoning, language and judgment. Cognitive change, outside of the natural aging process, stems from a number of causes including head injury, stroke and neurological conditions.

Nationwide, an increasing number of family caregivers are independently caring for their loved ones who are experiencing cognitive change. Over time, these family caregivers may find they need support from professional care providers, like Right at Home, to ensure their loved ones are receiving the specialized care required for a person living with progressive cognitive change. Right at Home is currently introducing a proprietary RightCare approach to dementia and cognitive support, created in collaboration with British occupational therapist Jackie Pool, a dementia expert and global authority on improving the lives of those living with cognitive change.

Pool’s advancements with dementia support consider that all clients have abilities to interact and connect with their surroundings, regardless of the severity or progression of cognitive change. This personalized cognitive support centers around the concept of “personhood.” Specially trained care managers create an individualized care plan that thoroughly encompasses everything about a person that makes them unique: character, preferences, interests, life history, skills and experiences.

Knowing a client’s likes, dislikes and daily routines helps identify meaningful and enjoyable activities for each client to participate in, rather than imposing on them a list of mandated care tasks. Professional caregivers trained in person-centered care work with the client’s family and support networks to help them understand why the client’s behaviors, interactions and personality may change based on what Right at Home has learned about their personhood. While in-home care agencies may bypass the family in the cognitive support process, Right at Home offers the family coaching and support on how to communicate better and reconnect with their loved one.

The continued cognitive research by Pool and other brain health experts is proving that through person-centered care, people with cognitive change are experiencing fewer symptoms and living independently longer.

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