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How To Thank a Nurse During National Nurses Week

May 6-12 is an important week for all of us. It’s National Nurses Week, a special time set aside to honor and thank these invaluable professionals. From birth to old age, we all depend on the care and compassion of nurses at all stages of life.

We at Right at Home are lucky to work with many nurses—those on our own teams (at our locations that offer in-home nursing services) and those nurses who serve our clients at home or in other settings. Those settings include:

  • Adult day care centers. Some adult day care centers, where many of our clients go for activities and socialization during the day, employ nurses. They’re there to provide medical care and assistance.
  • Hospitals. We interact with nurses who work in hospitals, for example, when a client is receiving medical treatment for acute or chronic conditions.
  • Rehabilitation centers. We meet many of our clients after they’ve moved back home from a rehabilitation center, where nurses have helped them recover from injuries or illnesses.
  • Hospice care. Nurses who work in hospice care provide end-of-life care to patients who are terminally ill. This may be in the home or in a health care setting.

Nurses who work with older adults provide physical, emotional and psychological support. Nurses also help seniors maintain their dignity and as much independence as possible. A nurse’s training and compassion remind their patients that they are not alone.

Sadly, nurses are often the unsung heroes of patient care. But any of us can help change that. It’s always nice to express gratitude to a nurse who has gone above and beyond to provide excellent care. Here are some good ways to thank or honor a nurse:

  • Write a thank-you note. A handwritten note expressing your appreciation for the nurse’s hard work and dedication is always a thoughtful gesture.
  • Share positive feedback. Share positive feedback with the nurse’s supervisor about the excellent care you received.
  • Donate to a nursing organization in honor of the nurse. This is a great way to show your appreciation and support for the entire nursing profession.
  • Give public recognition. If a nurse has significantly impacted your life, consider giving them public recognition by sharing your story on social media or writing a letter to a local newspaper.

A little gesture of appreciation can go a long way in showing gratitude to a nurse. Join us in celebrating nurses and thanking them for the work they do.

How Right at Home Can Help

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