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Paul Blom

Free CEU Webinar: Supporting the Elder LGBT Community

With concerns about their safety and quality of care, many LGBT elders must choose to hide their gender identity and/or sexual orientation to survive in the healthcare system. Paul Blom, owner of Right at Home Greater Twin Cities, has been a part of training over 13,000 senior service providers in Minnesota and across the country on caring for LGBT older adults.

martin sieferin perkins eastman aia design for aging advisory group co-chair

The Evolution of Senior Living

We spoke with Martin Siefering to find out how are senior service providers, as well as the architecture and design industry, responding to the changing needs and expectations of the boomer generation.

cell phone calling 911 during emergency

Preparing for Emergencies

Emergencies of all types can occur, from health crises to natural and man-made disasters. Sudden or severe physical symptoms can be life threatening, particularly for the senior who lives alone and cannot summon immediate help. Living in an at-risk area where the fury of Mother Nature unleashes tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, blizzards or other weather-related events calls for being prepared—before the emergency erupts.

2019 state of senior living report

Highlights of 2019's The State of Senior Living Survey

Perkins Eastman, a global architecture firm with a practice dedicated to senior living, completed its fourth biennial survey on the state of senior living in America. The results were published in “The State of Senior Living: An Industry Grappling with Autonomy,” which aimed to take a “final glimpse of the industry before the end of the decade and [serve as a] witness to the impact of the leading edge of the Boomers—the fading of the silent generation and the technological transformation of everyday living.”

Proverbs and Sayings About Old Age and Wisdom

Today, aging is still considered a sign of experience and wisdom in many cultures across the planet. We bring you poignant proverbs and sayings about old age from some these people groups.

burial funeral

The Hidden Costs of Burials

The median cost for a funeral, including the basics of a casket, funeral service, embalming, professional fee service and transfer of the remains, ran about $7,500 in 2017. The hidden costs of burials can scare the life out of anyone who is not prepared for the final bill when a loved one passes.

ornamental garden herbs - lavender

Common Ornamental Garden Herbs With Medicinal Benefits

Many cultures around the world still use plants and herbs for medicinal purposes, with great success. If you tend a garden or have planter boxes that can grow common ornamental garden herbs, you can use the herbs to cure your ailments, as well.

Right at Home Desert Cities caregiver Selene Montez

Unexpected Career in Caregiving Leads to Regional Award

Selene Montez never expected to have a career in caregiving. At age 16. she volunteered with elderly members of her church. Working with older members of her community was eye opening; she began to realize how often older people are overlooked, and it didn’t seem right to her.

dr. daniel murman unmc alzheimers disease prevention trial

Lowering Your Risk for Alzheimer’s and Sharing Caregiver Tips

Dr. Daniel Murman, a neurologist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in Omaha, focuses on older adults who have cognitive impairment or dementia. Dr. Murman invests about half his time with patients and the other half teaching and doing research at the university. We spoke with Dr. Murman to learn more about how we can lower the risk for Alzheimer’s and take care of someone living with the disease.

senior hand holding older seniors hands

Common Health Issues in Older Adults

How can seniors ward off the common health issues of aging and remain healthy overall in later life? Are certain declines in health inevitable or actually preventable? We came up with five age-related health changes in older adults and prevention measures for each condition.