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Relax and Improve Strength with Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a fall prevention exercise and art for older adults that has been shown to significantly improve balance and reduce the risk of falls. The exercise has numerous benefits for persons aged 70 and older, including:

  • Decreasing the Number of Falls
  • Decreasing the Risk of Falling
  • Improving Functional Balance
  • Improving Physical Performance
  • Improving Lower & Upper Body Strength
  • Strengthens Core Muscles of Back & Abdomen
  • Boosts Flexibility
  • Lowering Stress levels and promoting ant-aging effects
  • Lowering High Blood Pressure
  • Lowering Incidents of Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, and Mood Disturbance

Seniors participating in tai chi. Disabled adults participating in tai chi.


Research: Tai Chi is Effective at Preventing Falls

A 2013 National Council on Aging Report demonstrated a 55 percent improvement in the risk of falls for older adults participating in active Tai Chi programs compared to a controlled sample group

About Our Program

Our Tai Chi is led by a trained and experienced Tai Chi instructor. The classes are held weekly and monthly in the following locations. Call us at our office at (561) 910-1843 for specific upcoming times.

· ManorCare Rehab of Boca Raton and ManorCare of Delray Beach

ManorCare Health Services

· Regent Park Boca Raton

· Harbor Edge of Delray Beach

· Forum of Deer Creek in Deerfied

· Kings Point of Delray Beach

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