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Whether you are looking for help living independently, or to make sure someone you love has the support they need to stay in their home we believe there is more to caring for people than just providing in-home assistance. Everyone deserves a care partner that understands the course of each individual journey and can help navigate the road ahead. Whether it’s preparing a meal or providing 24-hour care, Right at Home will be there for you. Meet our team of professionals that will help every step of the way.

Grace Nguyen, Co-Owner and Administrator


Grace Nguyen, Co-owner, and Administrator, has been part of Right at Home Boca Raton since 2016. Prior to Right at Home, Grace was with the Kellogg Company as a finance manager and with Price Waterhouse Coopers. Grace oversees legal and compliance in the Right at Home office as well as the financial reporting, tax filing, and helping with caregiver orientation. She is also a Tai Chi instructor who provides Tai Chi classes to local senior communities.

Grace's story of why she got into home care: "When my mom was diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago, I was living in a different city and busy with my career. When my mother went through a colectomy and underwent her post surgery recovery, I realized how helpless I felt to not be able to be there for her. We saw the importance of having a trustworthy caregiver who could assist my mom and my dad. Starting Right at Home gave me the opportunity to help many moms like my mother, whose children and family are not able to help take care of their parents. I am a Tai Chi instructor and I believe healthy body, mind and spirit are essential to a person’s wellbeing. This philosophy is instilled in our caregivers who can engage our clients to be active with their body and minds. I live up to Right at Home mission every day, providing the best quality service to those we serve."

Tamara Lee, Office Manager and Care Coordinator


Our Office Manager and Care Coordinator Tamara Lee has been with our office since 2018. She is a certified Home Health Aide (HHA) who was in that role for over 15 years before joining Right at Home Boca Raton. As the Office Manager and Home Care Specialist, she manages scheduling, hiring, supervising, training caregivers, coordination of the day-to-day operations of the office. Tamara also ensures patient satisfaction, including troubleshooting when there is a complaint and develops improvements to prevent recurrences, plus maintaining effective communications with clients, family members, caregivers, referral sources and others who are involved in the care of our clients. Tamara graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

Tamara's story of why she got into home care: "Through my experience from caring for my grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, incontinence, Arthritis, Glaucoma, and Parkinson‘s Disease, I was able to understand firsthand the difficulties and all problems caregivers had to face with assisting a client. With 15 years’ experience of a home health aide, I understand the struggle that families experience when trying to find a right caregiver for their loved one. I also understand the challenges that the caregivers face every day. From of my experience and understanding as a caregiver I can easily connect with the clients and the caregivers. It is my mission to provide the best caregivers to the clients and make sure our clients feel they deserve the best."

Marginia (Kim) Shockley, RN, Director of Nursing


Marginia (Kim) Shockley, RN has been a part of Right at Home Boca Raton since 2019. As the Director of Nursing, Kim's duties include assessments, case management, teaching, documentation, working cooperatively, orientation, supervision, evaluation and care conferencing.

Kim's story of why she got into home care: "Working for Right at Home has provided me with a unique opportunity to utilize my many years of experience in the provision of quality home care services to a wide variety and age of clients. I have worked for many years promoting professional standards of care, appropriateness, adequacy, and effectiveness and now have the pleasure of serving as the link between you, the client, and our excellent and caring scheduling staff to assist in providing the most appropriate caregiver for you.

I have wanted to be a professional nurse since I was a young teenaged girl and was able to fulfill my dreams by attending The Ohio State University baccalaureate nursing program from which I graduated with honors. My subsequent employment has taken me to a varied and always exciting field of work experiences which have included acute care hospitals, physician offices, home health agencies, skilled care facilities, LPN program teaching, Associate Degree in Nursing program teaching, public health agencies both in urban and rural settings, school nursing for high schools and elementary schools, new Medicare home health agencies, and established Medicare and private agencies.

Right at Home as an organization expects a high quality of care and a catering to the needs and expectations of our clients and families. As the Director of Nursing, I like to personally meet our clients and families and assess and discuss their specific care needs. By communicating and working together, we can provide you with appropriate and effective care with the right caregiver."

Michelle Villanueva, Care Coordinator


Michelle Villanueva, Care Coordinator, has been with Right at Home Boca Raton since 2019. She helps in the enrollment of new clients, assisting with scheduling, hiring new caregivers, and assisting with billings and payroll. Michelle graduated with a Bachelors degree from Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

Michelle's story of why she got into home care: "My father had fallen ill a few years ago due to heart complications. I became the sole person responsible for his care while he was in the hospital and later when he got home. I was tasked with making all his appointments, speaking with his doctors, surgeons, and nurses to help me on how to properly take care of him by following his doctor’s orders. It was very hard because this was my first time being a caregiver, so I made many mistakes which I later learned from.

After meeting the nurses, I understood their strong sense of compassion and understanding. As a caregiver myself I was able to have more understanding of the work caregivers do.

Coming to Right at Home has shown me, I did not have the knowledge that was needed to be the best caregiver for my father. It gives me newfound respect for the caregivers after learning what they have to endure each day. This has taught me the value of having a caregiver who is certified and has knowledge of how to take care of patients."

Mary Rinker, Sales and Marketing Community Liaison


Mary Rinker, Sales and Marketing Community Liaison, has been with the Right at Home Boca Raton office since it opened. In her role, Mary is helping Social workers, case managers, nurses, and families aide their parents and loved ones when they need an extra set of helping hands. We are all working together to improve the quality of lives for all!

Mary's story of why she got into home care: "I decided to pursue a career in the health care field because of my mother Gloria! My mother was an RN all her life and all the neighborhoods would come knocking on our front door for her assistance! I worked alongside of her at the Palm Beach Blood Bank, just one of her many positions in Health Care. All her colleagues always glowed when they spoke of her! She made such an Impact in the Community and always there to help anyone in need. I was inspired by my mom and understand how important it is to provide good quality care to the people who need care. I am passionate about connecting to the local communities, talking to our seniors and being a volunteer. I am very proud of marketing for Right at Home as it is a trustworthy company which I trust them to take care of my parents."

Susmita Patel, Community Liaison and Long Term Care Specialist


Susmita Patel is the Community Liaison and Long-Term Care Specialist for the Right at Home Boca Raton office. In her role she helps clients understand the Long-Term Care process and coordinates with the insurance company and the client to set up the claim process. As the community liaison, she meets with patients, families, and local organizations when they need home care help.

Prior to Right at Home, Susmita graduated from West Virginia University with a BS in Biology and MS in Health Science. She went on to work as a Patient Care Tech before moving to Florida and becoming a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for Smart Pharmacy.

Susmita's story of why she got into home care: "I have always wanted to work in a healthcare related field and to make a difference in people’s lives, young or old. I wanted to find something that I felt most passionate about to be and meaningful. It was during this time when my father was not doing too well with his health. He seemed to need more help daily. A family decision was made where a family member had to quit their job to take care of him, however, we all soon realized he needed more assistance than we could handle. Seeing the exceptional care provided by the caregivers, I knew I wanted to be a part of an incredible and caring team. Right at Home has provided this opportunity for me to feel like I make a difference in people’s lives."

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