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Published By Rosaleen Doherty on June 15, 2020

Boston Branch Manager- Kelly, Co-Owner Rosaleen, Merrimack Valley Branch Manager- Yahaira, Director of Nursing- Brenda, Director of Community Relations- Celeste, Employee Experience Manager- LindaLast year, the Right at Home RightTeam attended the Massachusetts Conference on Women. Our team had an unbelievable day with 12,000 other women talking about leadership skills and delving into hard discussions about bias in the workplace. One of the most powerful speakers that I saw there was Minda Harts, the author of The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table. I bought the audiobook after the conference to hear her further to see what I could do to secure seats for more people of color within our organization at all levels. Her style was straightforward and unapologetic. She shares incidents where she tolerated racist behavior to get ahead in her own career. Honestly, I squirmed in my car more than once as she laid out her lived experiences. Ms. Harts' conversational style told us that we had to start to recognize the racist behaviors and policies that were baked into our workplaces. Her book was a slap in the face...but a good one.

The Conferences for Women organization has just released a wonderful resource center for confronting racial injustice. This is a great list of trainings, videos, articles, podcasts, books, lists of social influencers and organizations to support. Now is the time for us not to go back. Whether you want to watch a video about Michelle Obama's Becoming (I saw her last year at the Boston Garden when she did her book tour), or take Rachel Cargle's 30 Day Course called #DoTheWork on how to be a useful ally, there are endless roads to gain knowledge on this moment in American history. As an organization that has an overwhelming representation of women and many women of color, we offer this well curated educational list for us all to dig deep in this moment. The soul of our country is being played out with people of color and white people in our streets marching together....but when the protests are done, we have to build the world afterward.

#BeSafe #EnoughisEnough #BlackLivesMatter


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