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Why Touch is Important in Alzheimer’s Care

For people with dementia, the human touch plays a significant part in improving mental health.  Right at Home Boston and North provides information about why touch is so important when caring for someone with Alzheimer's or Dementia.  

client and caregiver

How to care for an Alzheimer’s Patient

As anyone with a friend or family member with Alzheimer's can advise you, the disease is a family diagnosis. Right at Home of Boston and North knows that the impacts of Alzheimer's reach out past the person to their primary caregiving person and every individual who loves them. 


Female Right at Home caregiver helping a senior male put together a puzzle at a table in the home

Maintaining Mental Health During Pandemic

Right at Home of Boston and North suggests some techniques to help maintain your mental health while we continue to live through these historical times with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caregiver wearing PPE reminding senior of medication

Polypharmacy and Older Adults

Right at Home of Boston and North outlines important things to know about polypharmacy among older adults, such as the causes of polypharmacy, the signs and symptoms of polypharmacy, tests and treatments, and even how to prevent issues in a senior's medications. 

Female caregiver with senior male, who is eating breakfast at a kitchen table, Right at Home Boston and North

Celebrating National Family Caregivers Month While Keeping Yourself Healthy

As caregivers, sometimes it becomes second nature to get up every day and help our senior loved ones with their daily activities. Right at Home Boston and North wants you to know that your service does not go unnoticed. Your courage and dedication reflect the righteousness of what human beings strive to be. 

senior female dialing a cell phone

Most Common Financial Scam Targeting Seniors

Each year, millions of senior citizens fall victim to some sort of financial exploitation or scam. Perhaps the most common is fraudulent telemarketing, or phone scams. It is estimated that the elderly lose billions of dollars each year to scammers. Right at Home Boston and North would like to provide you with tips you can use to protect yourself or your senior loved ones from elderly shams. 


Virtual Memory Cafe Flyer for Right at Home Boston and North.

Dementia and Alzheimer's During a Pandemic

Although it is important to encourage your senior loved ones to be as independent as possible, Right at Home Boston and North would like to provide you with the resources you need for safety and prevention regarding Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. 

Going Back to Work and Need to Make Sure Mom is Safe?

As the country begins to reopen with the threat of COVID-19 still at large, there is a lot of concern about seniors as adult children head back to the work.  Right at Home Boston and North shares resources and tips, to help a transition of care for your senior loved one as safe as possible.  

What Have You Been Doing During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

As the country begins to re-open, Right at Home Boston North would like to highlight some of the precidures we have in place in our office as well as celebrate the bravery of our incredible CareTeam in the field and in the office during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Right at Home Boston North is your COVID-19 senior home care specialists.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

This time of year in our community it is very difficult to tell the difference between allergy reactions (cough, runny nose) and viruses like flu or coronavirus. If you experience any symptoms of cough, runny nose, fever, feeling run down, weakness or difficulty breathing, call your family physician and follow his or her recommendations. In this blog post is a list of often used, common sense practices to prevent spread of diseases like the common cold, the flu, and the coronavirus. Keep you and your loved ones healthy!


Massachusetts Conference for Women

The Right at Home RightTeam took a day out and went to Boston to attend the Massachusetts Conference for Women. The conference provides one full day of connection, motivation, networking, inspiration and skill building for thousands of women each year. Here at Right at Home, we know that the development and empowerment of our employees makes them the best team in home care. Though it is just one day out of the office, our whole community of clients, families and employees benefits.

david alan

Northeast Region Caregiver of the Year

David Alan, a caregiver with Right at Home Boston North, was selected as the Northeast Region Caregiver of the Year.

caregiver celebration

We Heart Our Careteam Celebration

Right at Home Boston and North celebrated our CareTeam members this Valentine’s Day with a “We Heart the CareTeam” celebration in our offices.

Rides at Home

Homecare for the Holidays

At Right at Home Boston North, we know that the holidays, while often joyous, can also be stressful on families who are caring for elderly loved ones. Let us help make the holidays a bit easier.


Meet Our New Scheduling Coordinator

Right at Home Boston and North is delighted to welcome the newest member of our team, Emmaculate Kofi. Emmaculate comes to Right at Home with four years of experience in the home care industry. 

somerville office team

Professional Caregiver Appreciation Week at Right at Home Boston and North

Our CareTeam members are the difference makers, the heroes and the doers. We are so thankful for all that they do for our clients, families and to our organization. They are the reason we are able to carry out our organization’s mission to improve the quality of life for those we serve. To them we say, thank you, and we appreciate you.

burger day

Right at Home CareTeam Appreciation Day

We want to give our special thanks this Caregiver Appreciation Day by celebrating our CareTeam with a special burger bar lunch!

orientation somerville

Somervile Careteam Orientation Class

Our Right at Home CareTeam members are well-experienced, fully trained and committed to their clients. It all starts with our orientation class.

team right at home free wheelchair mission costa rica

Free Wheelchairs Gift Independence to Disabled Adults & Children in Costa Rica

Three of us from Right at Home Somerville—Rosaleen Doherty, CEO and Co-Owner; Celeste Begley, Community Relations Director and Victoria Guskiewicz, Community Relations Coordinator—joined Free Wheelchair Mission in late October/early November to assemble and deliver wheelchairs in Costa Rica.

hospice care training

Right at Home Boston and North Hospice Care Training Program

Right at Home Boston and North Hospice Care Training Program is offered on a monthly basis in the Somerville, Salem and Haverhill offices for caregivers.

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