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Awesome Caregiver: Home Health Aide, CNA or PCA


The Companion CareTeam member enables the client to remain free from injury or harm and provides companionship that is sufficient to provide a secure environment. The CareTeam member is responsible for observing the client and reporting changes to the nurse and or responsible person to provide general attention to the client.


  • Provides non-personal, non-nursing care to the client. (NO HANDS-ON CARE)
  • Provides generalized attention to the needs of the ill, injured, impaired, disabled, and/or aged as directed by the nurse/responsible person.
  • Observes the client for general physical, mental and emotional conditions.
  • Ensures the provision of a safe environment for the client at all times
  • Provides a sense of security for the client and protects the client from harm resulting from the debilitating effects of his/her illness.
  • Keeps the client’s environment clean and orderly.
  • Provides meal preparation and escort services (transportation).
  • Provides continuous companionship for the client.


  • Demonstrates the role of CareTeam member in a professional manner.
  • Assumes accountability or his/her position, e.g. extends self when unusual needs arise.
  • Reports for work on time and gives adequate notice of absenteeism or tardiness.
  • Routinely undertakes additional tasks when his/her assignments are completed.
  • Accepts constructive criticism regarding own performance and strives to make improvements.
  • Adheres to policies established for meals, breaks, dress code, and parking.
  • Exhibits courtesy, compassion, and respect to clients, families, visitors, physicians, and co-workers.

Motivated and self-directed:

  • Carries out responsibilities promptly and in a self-directed fashion.
  • Seeks additional learning experiences.
  • Uses Right at Home University to complete in-service education requirements.


  • Is flexible and receptive to change.
  • Participates in quality and improvement activities.


  • Must have good verbal, visual and hearing skills.
  • Must note and report any problems that may concern the care of the client to the RightTeam office staff: Private Care Manager, Director of Operations and Director of Nursing.
  • Must be able to make proper decisions concerning personal safety.
  • Must function within scheduled time frames.
  • Must complete paperwork efficiently.
  • Must exhibit courtesy, compassion, and respect to clients, family, visitors, physicians, and co-workers.


Community home, independent living facility, assisted living facility, hospital, or nursing home environment. May be exposed to blood, infectious disease, potentially infectious materials, and other materials and substances that may be used during performance of CareTeam Member duties.

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