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RightMeds Medication Management

Nurse Medication Setup

medicationYou will meet with a Right at Home nurse and she will assess and review your medications with you and your family. Medications will be laid out in a daily planner by a Right at Home Registered Nurse for a one or two week period. The Right at Home nurse will review with your loved one about how to take their medications correctly and help answer any questions they (or you) may have. We will set up an ongoing schedule for the Right at Home nurse to come out to fill further medication trays.

Full Medication Setup

Who Needs RightMeds?

  • Are you taking three or more medications per day?

  • Do you take medicine two or more times per day?

  • In the past month, have you missed medications because you forgot to take them?

  • Do you have a chronic condition or disease, such as heart disease, COPD, osteoporosis, diabetes, or cancer?

  • Do you require assistance with daily activities, such as taking medication, bathing, dressing, or cooking?

  • Do you have concerns about complications that could lead to hospitalizations if you don’t take your medicine correctly?
  • You will meet with a Right at Home nurse and she will assess your medication with you and your family. We will install your Philips Medication Dispensing machine and load it with the appropriate medications (a landline phone line must be available).

    Features & Benefits of the PMD

    Features of the PMD

    • Provides an audio reminder when it’s time to take a pill
    • The digital display tells subscriber important information about their medication status
    • System can alert caregiver if a dosage is missed

    Right at Home nurses will manage the client’s medications, The Full Medication Management Solution includes machine rental, notifications to family of missed dosages, coordination of medication re-orders, one time per month machine fill by Registered Nurse.

    Benefits of the PMD

    • Medication is dispensed in easy to handle cups – no struggle with pill bottles!
    • Medication made easy! Just press an easy to see button
    • No missed dosages. System can alert caregiver if a dosage is missed
    • System delivers important audible messages like test your blood sugar or other reminders.

    Your or your family do not have to make phone calls for everyday reminders!

    RightMeds Pricing

    RN Medication Management — Client Provided Medication Cassettes

    Initial set up visit (client will provide Med Cassettes), includes medication intake, calls to primary care doctor and med cassette setup: $125

    Additional set-up visits for Med Cassettes, includes vital sign check: $75 per visit

    Total Medication Solution — RN Managed

    Initial set up visit for medication intake, calls to primary care doctor, and Philips PMD installation: $165

    Monthly PMD Management

    Includes machine rental, notifications to family of missed dosages, coordination of medication re-orders, one time per month machine fill by Registered Nurse and vital sign check: $200

    Additional fill visits in a 4 week period: $50

    Additional Services

    RAH visit to open PMD and give missed doses of medication

  • $25/visit (during business hours)
  • $50/visit (after hours, weekends and holidays)

    The Stakes are high for medication mistakes ... Medication errors are common and costly

    RightMeds from Right at Home allows families to feel confident that their loved one’s medication is being taken in compliance with doctor’s orders. Medication non-compliance is one of the major factors of hospitalization in our elders due to multiple psychological and physical challenges and the amount of medications being prescribed per individual.

    The High Toll of Medication Mistakes

    You rely on your medications to keep you healthy. But complex medication schedules can lead to mistakes: missed doses, taking incorrect amounts, or taking pills at the wrong time. These mistakes could potentially lead to unnecessary doctor or hospital visits or illness.

    • For seniors, approximately 1 out of 10 hospital admissions are the result of incorrect use of medications
    • Not taking medication correctly can have serious consequences, including increased discomfort, inadequate disease prevention and possibly even death.

    We are here to help with this complicated but important task. The Right at Home team will work with your family to make sure your loved one safely takes their medication.

    We offer two RightMeds services: Right at Home Nurse Medication Setup and Right at Home Full Medication Solution. When you meet with a Right at Home representative, they will help you and your loved one decide which is the best direction.

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