Our Care Coordinator's Experience with Working at Right at Home

Congratulations to Kim, Right at Home Care Coordinator, who’s celebrating her one-year anniversary at Right at Home! We talked to Kim about her first year with Right at Home and how it’s impacted her.

  • Tell us about your path to Care Coordinator with Right at Home.

    I started as a caregiver more than 16 years ago and enjoyed it immensely. One of my first jobs was working as a dietary aide in a facility. I loved feeling needed and thoroughly enjoyed caring for people and making them happy.

    In August 2016, I started working for Right at Home as a caregiver. I enjoyed providing companionship and daily care to clients. I helped them get out and socialize and provided them care that enabled them to remain safe and comfortable in their homes. I always looked forward to seeing my clients each day and felt good about doing something meaningful through my work; caregiving was more than just a job to me.

    In December 2016, I was promoted to Care Coordinator. This role allows me to see what goes into matching the right caregiver with the right client while providing peace of mind to our clients’ families. I am lucky to be able to still work in the field from time to time and see the relief and comfort on our clients’ faces.

  • How would you define the role of Care Coordinator?

I schedule caregivers’ shifts after carefully matching them to clients based on the services the client needs and the caregiver skills; the interests of the client and the caregiver; and on their collective personalities. These are just some of the factors that go into ensuring that we deliver the best possible care for each client, which ultimately, enables them to live with dignity and respect.

  • What’s the most challenging issue you’ve had to overcome in your role?

I guess just realizing every client really is different in terms of what type of care they need. We need to be diligent in fostering the right relationship between our caregivers and our clients with the goal being a consistent, long term match.

  • What are three words you’d use to describe Right at Home?

Passionate, caring and helpful

  • How do you define personal success?

Peace of mind in knowing I did my very best.

  • What has your proudest moment been at Right at Home either as a caregiver or a care coordinator?

Any time I can fulfill a client request is a proud moment for me. The family of one client, in particular, told me how much they appreciate me and everything that Right at Home does to care for their dad. They weren’t able to be with him all of the time, and our services put their minds at ease, knowing he was in good hands. It really showed we are the “Right People” providing the “Right Care.”

  • Having worked for Right at Home, would you hire your company to take care of your own mother? Why/why not?

Yes! Right at Home always has the best interest of our clients and their family members at heart, and we do everything we can to make sure the right care is provided. Our staff is always accessible and our team of compassionate, experienced nurses, caregivers and back office support are available to offer support whenever it’s needed.

Home care allows seniors to stay at home where they’re most comfortable and where their surroundings are familiar. When our seniors are cared for at home, they and their families are alleviated of the stress of having to identify alternative living situations. It also provides family members with peace of mind and the support they need to keep their loved ones safely home.

If Right at Home provided care for my mom, it would absolutely offer my family and me the peace of mind knowing that she was in capable, caring hands.

Lauren Schiffman
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