Care Giver of the Month Stacy

Caregiver of the Month

Stacey is a vital part of what makes our contract at Golden West work. She carries a full load of clients every night and goes above and beyond for her clients as well as the office. She never hesitates to promote the business and has even begun to work office hours at Golden West to talk to potential new clients. Her clients love her and can’t say enough about how great of a job she does! She has recently also taken a few shifts at Highland Trail so that we can duplicate the Golden West model there!

She works closely with the office to make sure that all relevant information is relayed and that our clients are receiving the best care and attention available. Her attention to detail and her ability to connect with her clients makes the job in the office easier to accomplish.

Thank you so much, Stacey, for all of the great work you do! Without caregivers like you, we would not be in business! You are a shining example of what makes us proud to be in this business!

K. Boyd
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