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Our Caregivers are Compassionate, Caring, and Fully Trained

Right at Home, Bozeman is dedicated to having a fully trained staff and in providing a well-rounded training program. It is comprised of orientation, Skills 1-4, online learning, in-home training shifts, and monthly speakers. We don’t stop their either, bi-annually we require all of our caregivers to come in to the office and train on CNA skills. Additionally, we work with local organizations for local resource specific training, and we encourage our caregivers to go to local support groups. We have a library of learning material for our caregivers. We believe that well trained & compassionate caregivers is the best resource we can give our clients.

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Right at Home Bozeman Care Coordinator Lindsey Klebenow talks about what they look for in a Caregiver.


All new caregivers are required to come in for an orientation. During this time they are given basic skills that are required to perform their job. We cover communication skills, observing and recording for accurate care logs, HIPAA, and much more. Once completed we schedule them for training shifts, in which they shadow our Care Team Managers at our client’s homes. Here they learn about specific client needs, practice writing care logs, and get hands on experience.

Skills 1-4

After our new caregivers have completed orientation with a few live training shifts, they come into the office for a series of skills trainings. Skills 1 covers compassion training, infection prevention, and detailed HIPAA training. During Skills 2, caregivers learn about the human lifespan, common diseases, end of life care, and caregiver self care. Skills 3 is all hands on deck with practical skills such as making an occupied bed, brief changing, feeding, wheelchair maneuvering and much more. Skills 4 covers a growing problem in the senior community, dementia. We detail the different types of memory loss, adaptation techniques, handling methods, and how to work with the families.

On-Going Training

Every month we schedule a speaker to come and work with all of our caregivers. We work with local organizations to make sure our caregivers are getting continued and varied training. Some of our speakers have included: grief counselors, the Montana Association for the Blind, Hospice, and essential oils introduction. Our clients and their families are welcome to attend these presentations to learn more.

Our caregivers have the option of attending local support groups to learn about specific ailments our client’s may be suffering. Going to support groups provide our caregivers with a look into some of the challenges our clients may be facing due to the disease or ailment they are facing. From there, we can work with clients in a more seamless manner.

We have an ever growing library available for our caregivers. It is filled with books that range in topics from end of life care to senior nutrition and everything in between. We also have a host of varying articles pertaining to home care for our caregivers to peruse as needed.

Right at Home University

Our caregivers are required to watch training videos from our Right at Home University. Online, they have access to more than 500 nationally recognized certifications and training programs covering a range of home care topics. As they go through each module there are checkpoints for understanding and each one ends with a test to ensure that caregivers have understood the content.

All caregivers are required to complete 29 hours of online training their first year. From there, we assign training videos as needed and our caregivers are welcome to watch training videos at any time.

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