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Right at Home Bozeman Team
Wendi Rabatin

Wendi Rabatin - Owner

Wendi enjoys moonlight strolls on the beach, roses by the armful, and dancing… whoops wrong site. Twenty-some years ago she worked split 12-hour shifts for well over a week and was finishing up 18 credits of college classes at MSU. The day she finished her last class she let Mini Mart know she was DONE.

Wendi was offered a job filling in for a dental assistant going on maternity leave at her father’s practice. She spent over twenty years learning about business and building relationships with patients. One of the problems that Wendi saw repeatedly while sitting at the front desk of the dental office, was patients shuffling down the hallway that she wondered how they managed to drive themselves safely to their appointment.

She watched many of her patients over the years begin to lose their independence and struggle with the coordination of basic activities of daily living. As her job at the dental office came to an end she decided to shift gears and partner with the Right at Home franchise, because they lead the industry in in-home care and assistance.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, Wendi decided to utilize what Right at Home has learned over 20 years and apply it right here in Bozeman, where she grew up, with people who need it.

Wendi and her family moved to Manhattan 18 years ago to raise their son Dane, who will be graduating from Manhattan High School in May.

During the time away from her desk, Wendi likes to play Frisbee in the backyard with her two dogs, drink margaritas on the front porch with the cat, and occasionally tinkers with jewelry making and crafting or puttering around in the shop with woodworking and metal projects. Wendi and her teenage son go kayaking, paddle boarding and shooting, and she recently learned how to SCUBA dive and drive a motorcycle. In addition to starting Right at Home in Bozeman, she is hoping to put her new skills to use! Don’t tell anyone, but, she also loves to live vicariously on Facebook and Pinterest.

Steve Spainhower

Steve Spainhower, Owner

Dr. Steven Spainhower grew up in Littleton, Colorado and went to the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry in Lincoln, Nebraska and graduated in 1972. He served two years at the U.S. Naval Construction Battalion Center in Port Hueneme, California as a Navy dentist before moving to Montana to hunt and fish. Now that he is retiring from dentistry, his passions include lake and stream fly fishing, golf and travel.


Lindsey, Wendi's Right Hand in the office, Caregiver

Lindsey was born and raised in the San Juan Island town of Anacortes, WA. where she never missed a chance to jump into a boat and head out fishing. Although her love for the outdoors and the open waters sooth her soul, her real passion is being a caretaker and homemaker. Lindsey started taking care of her grandmother when she was just 9 years old, when her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Lindsey has made it her life’s mission to help families cope with the process and keep their loved ones at home for as long as possible. She has earned her Associates of Arts in Art History from Skagit Valley College, Bachelors of Science in Community Health with a certificate in Gerontology from MSU-Bozeman, EMT, CNA, along with multiple other trainings.

Caregiver Doreen

Doreen, Caregiver

Doreen was born and raised in a small. rural town in Northern Wisconsin, where she learned to love the outdoors with fishing, skating and getting along with eight brothers and sisters. She married and moved to Colorado where she raised her two wonderful children. After attending a sixty hour nurses training, she worked as a caregiver for Social Services in Salida, CO for six years.

She Attended Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education/English. After working in the school district there and working as a caregiver, she moved to Missoula, MT to be near her seven grandchildren. She also worked there as a Person Care Assistant for two years for Northwest Home Care.

She currently is residing in Belgrade, MT and enjoys reading, gardening, walking, fishing, crocheting, painting, writing, sewing, playing tennis, and watching her grandkids’ games, plays and concerts. She looks forward to being part of the Right at Home Team!



Elliot born in Bar Harbor, Maine but moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico before the age of one. Growing up in Santa Fe offered a unique combination of outdoor recreation, great food and an art culture renowned around the world, there he attended St. Michael’s Junior/Senior high school. Like much of Santa Fe, it has a storied history and was founded in 1859. Some of his hobbies and passions include: skiing, funk/soul/jazz music, fishing, camping and red chili sauce. Some of the people he admires are: Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, E.O. Wilson and Dr. Martin Luther King. On his days off he can typically be found by the river, or rock climbing with his girlfriend Megan. Elliot also collects music on vinyl records and loves to paint, typically with spray paint.

Elliot moved to Montana in 2005 to attend Montana State University, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Physical Geography. During that time he started working at "On The Rise Bread Company " as a delivery driver. Over the next ten and a half years he became fully immersed in the artisan bread culture through travel, education and managing the bakery. After a series of hardships his life, Elliot was then steered in several different directions and chose to become a member of the Right at Home team to better serve my community. Working with the elderly and disabled has given him a different satisfaction that he could not obtain by teaching people how to make craft bread. Elliot hopes to meet many more amazing people and hear their stories in the future with Right at Home, and also plans to gain more certifications through the various learning opportunities that are offered.



Born in the Czech Republic, Radka has a delightful accent and some great stories from abroad. She and her husband have two children and loves hanging out with them. She also spends her spare time working on her graphic design projects, hiking, walking her dog Boo, and working in the garden. Radka is great a keeping busy but loves to spend her Sunday mornings sleeping in and taking it easy. Travelling takes a big place in Radka’s heart and she would love to spend time in rural Scotland and England.

As a caregiver she has great empathy and is very, very reliable. Her clients really appreciate her steadiness, compassion, a can-do attitude. Radka loves to solve problems and can work her way through most problems presented in the caregiving world. Senior care is something Radka is passionate about and her dedication shines through every day.

Hollie Hart


Hollie was born in Murray, Utah yet raised in Bozeman, MT. Being a military brat, she moved around a lot. She has lived in many different states but, like many others, found that Montana is her true home. Hollie’s dad was stationed in Utah when she finished school. Wanting to follow in his footsteps her goal was to become a bio weapon chemist specialist. She passed her ASVAB with flying colors, but before joining the military she had one other test she was waiting on, her pregnancy test. It came back positive so she put being in the military aside and is now a proud mom. She has four boys aged 4 to 16 years old. When she moved back to Montana she became a CAN/HHA. While she loves caring for the elderly and our veterans, but her true passion lies in getting lost in Montana. Hollie gold pans every chance she gets and loves exploring ghost towns because they bring out the old soul in her. She also loves gem hunting, cave diving, hiking, fishing, and all things outdoors. Hollie has dedicated that last 8 years and counting to working with the elderly and veterans.



Ashley was born by the coast in Maine. When she was four years old she and her mom packed and moved to Minnesota. She was raised in farming country and spent a lot of time with older women who are very proud of their Scandinavian heritage. Therefore, Ashley enjoys traditional Norwegian and Swedish comforts like baking krumkakae and rosettes. After high school , Ashley left her small town in Minnesota for the big city of Bozeman. She studied photography and anthropology at Montana State University and graduated in 2015. Ashley loves combining her passion for photography and learning about different people and cultures. She is passionate about elder care, environmentalism, and open mindedness. She truly believes that she can learn something from everyone, and will take the time to listen before she judges.

Her open mind and compassion is appreciated by all of her clients. She loves brightening her client’s and coworker’s days with her positive attitude.



Dominique hails from San Diego, California. She is a preachers wife and a very dedicated caregiver. Afternoons at the library and evenings watching Jane Austen movies and Jaws are part of Dominique’s perfect day. Reading is a big part of Dominique’s life, she most recently read through the Bible again and an audio book filled with old Christmas tales. Her dream vacation involves traveling the world to see the oldest books in existence.

Dominique has a gentle spirit that is filled to the brim with compassion. Bringing joy to others gives her the greatest happiness. Her bright smile is infectious; she can bring comfort to any situation and uplift people’s day in a heartbeat.

Aly Wooly


Aly grew up in Chicago and moved to Bozeman to study microbiology at Montana State University. She loves the area, her subject of study, and the outdoor lifestyle of Bozeman, Montana. Aly has embraced the Montana state of mind and likes to hike and ski. In her spare time she likes to cross stitch. She thinks it is super fun and considers it her “secret talent.” When she is stressed she likes to think about her favorite place in the world, a little dirt road surrounded by tall grass and flowers in the summer. Surprisingly it’s the road she takes to the dentist, which she doesn’t like at all!

Her bubbly personality engages our clients and helps them to have a positive day. She is great in emergencies as she keeps a level head and can keep our clients calm in any situation. Her quick thinking helps keep our clients on track and a joy to work with.



Rachyl is originally from Portland, OR but has found she loves exploring the back roads of Montana. Like any other Montana resident, she loves to hike and bike the local trails. Going to church every Sunday is part of Rachyl's weekly routine and she loves to participate in their functions. She is used to volunteering which has made her an excellent caregiver for Right at Home, as our job is like volunteering with a paycheck! Rachyl has found that helping others is the most rewarding job she can have stating: "It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing that you are making a difference in someone’s life." Her favorite part of the job is connecting with her clients. No matter how bad of a day she is having she says her clients always put a smile on her face!



Keldon was born and raised here in the Gallatin Valley. Growing up he always had a strong relationship with his family, especially his mom's parents. They helped raise him and eventually, there came a time where he started taking care of them. Caregiving has been part of his life for many years now. Keldon is in the process of finishing a degree in elementary education at Montana State University. It is important to Keldon that he help better the world around him in everyday life. Right at Home gives him the opportunity to help individuals who deserve and need it. He says "My job is rewarding and it puts a smile on my face to see our clients every day."



Belle is a born and raised Montana girl from West Yellowstone. She got into caregiving because she loves meeting new people and helping them in any way she can. Hearing about their lives is one of her favorite perks of the job. They inspire her to go out and do her favorite things, like travelling, locally and abroad, to check out cool historical sites, write her own mythologies, read and spend time with animals as much as she can. Her secret talent, at least according to her fiancee, is singing! Belle loves to belt out a tune while driving in the car. Belle says "My dream in life is to do my best to make the world, or at least my corner of it, a better place for everyone."



Spencer was born in Walnut Creek, California but moved to Helena, Montana before he turned one. He grew up in Helena and graduated from Helena High School. After high school, he moved to Bozeman and is pursuing a Marketing degree at Montana State University. Spencer loves living in Montana and feels most at home in the outdoors. His hobbies include: fly fishing, rock climbing, backpacking, skiing, and playing the guitar.

When Spencer isn’t outdoors or studying for class, he’s exploring his other passions; travel and helping people. He recently got back from studying abroad in the United Kingdom. He was there for six months and absolutely loves British/Irish culture and history. He plans on traveling a lot in future. When Spencer got back from being abroad he wanted to pursue his other passion- helping people. That’s when he found Right at Home and the very fulfilling job of being a caregiver. He loves talking and caring for the elderly, his favorite part is hearing all their interesting stories and the satisfaction of truly helping someone in need.

"After a caregiver took our client out of state for a family reunion, his daughter sent us this lovely note: ' I have not seen dad so alive and engaged for quite some time. The memories we made will last forever. Spencer is wonderful! He is so very attentive and kind. He was a great match for my dad and we now consider him part of the family. If the need arises in the future, I will not hesitate to ask for your services again."

Ashlyn on Ski Slopes


Ashlyn is from Littleton, Colorado a family friendly community about 10 miles south of Denver. Colorado is known for its rugged wilderness and Ashlyn’s favorite place in the world is the backcountry of Estes Park. In winter, Estes Park becomes a favorite destination for ice climbers. Those daring enough to scale frozen waterfalls gear up and use ice tools, screws and ropes to make the climb. One time, Ashlyn Ice climbed until 3 in the morning with just a headlamp and light from the stars! What an amazing adventure! Red Rocks Amphitheater is another well-known destination in Colorado and with it only being a 28 minute drive from Littleton, Ashlyn was there! Amongst ancient towering rocks she saw the Rainbow Kitten Surprise band take the stage and her heart.

Now she resides in Bozeman Mountain where she is attending Montana State University and studying Human Health and Development. She is passionate about running and just finished the book “Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.” She is inspired by a group of runners known as ultrarunners. These ultra-athletes run footraces longer than 42.195 kilometers (26 miles)! Ashlyn must be working towards becoming an ultra-athlete herself! She is currently training for the Jumbo Elk Ramble in Missoula which is a 15K trail race on Mt. Jumbo!

But even with her extreme thirst for adventure she still thinks the best meal in the world is anything her Great Grandma whips up for her!



Quincy's compassion is boundless! He is an eight year old golden retriever who loves to socialize with anyone and everyone. The more attention the better. Quincy would love to come visit with you anytime you request it.

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