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COVID and Dementia — What Are the Signs and Symptoms

Join Right at Home owner Edwin Young on Tuesday, June 23, at 11:00 a.m. CDT, for a telephone learning session. Tam Cummings PhD will discuss how the COVID-19 virus impacts persons with dementia differently, and will share the signs or symptoms your loved one may display. To register call 866-390-6491 Toll Free or go to


Virtual Presentation — Treatment for Advanced Parkinson's Disease

Join Right at Home owner Edwin Young on Friday, May 15, at 11:00 a.m. CDT, for the Zoom Virtual Presentation "Moving Forward: Discovering a treatment option for advanced Parkinson's disease" with Dr. Michael Soileau, via the Capital Area Parkinson's Society. Learn More & Register Now.


How to Properly Use a Medical Face Mask

Whether you're a professional caregiver, family or friend caregiver, or just a member of the community doing the right thing, the proper use of a medical face mask is critical to its effectiveness. Masks are most effective when used in combination with FREQUENT hand-cleaning with an alcohol-based hand rub or with soap and water. Everyone who uses a medical face mask needs to study how to use it safely and dispose of it properly. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), you should ROTATE masks for up to 72 hours, and keep them dry and stored in an OPENED Zip Lock bag or brown paper bag when not in use. Be sure to discard masks in the trash after being used three times or if becomes wet or damaged. Sealing the trash and taking it out to your trash bin immediately is also a best practice.

How to Use a Medical Facemask 

Fresh, Hearty Meals Help Make Quarantine Bearable and Keep Caregivers, Seniors and Seniors' Families Healthy

As our country continues to push through the COVID-19 pandemic, the in-home care industry has an added strain of caring for the most vulnerable population and doing what we can to help keep clients healthy and safe in their homes. One of the many challenges, especially for those who are quarantined or otherwise required to stay in their homes, is the ability to access healthy, fresh food.

In partnership with Right at Home, Eat Fit Go is offering Right at Home's employees, our valuable caregivers, the clients we love, and their families a 20% discount on Eat Fit Go's healthy and safe, ready-to-eat, vacuum-sealed meals that have a 14-day refrigerated shelf life.

Learn more about EAT FIT GO and our partnership:

Giddings Area Chamber of Commerce Senior Health Fair

Giddings Area Chamber of Commerce Senior Health Fair

The Giddings Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a Senior Health fair on 6/25/19. Many vendors joined this event to share their company’s mission when working with seniors. Seniors from Lee County attended and enjoyed learning about resources available to the older population. Great job everyone!



Fraud Prevention Seminar

Fraud Prevention Seminar

On 5/20/19, Janet Crane, Branch Manager at Right at Home Brenham hosted a Fraud Prevention for Seniors seminar at Kruse Village. Crystal Hinds and Shelby Wiesepape from the Bank of Brenham presented. Sergeant Ashorn with the Brenham Police Department was available to answer questions. We had 35 people from Kruse Village and from the community of Brenham, Texas attend the seminar. There were excellent questions from the participants. We were so pleased with the great turnout!

5-Year Anniversary at Elgin Nursing and Rehab

Eshawna Hemphill

Eshawna Hemphill, Social Worker at Elgin Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Elgin, TX celebrated 5 years with the company this week. Janet Crane, Branch Manager with Right at Home/Brenham, delivered a bouquet of flowers to her on her accomplishment. Congratulations Eshawna!






Texas Themed Gift Baskets for Texas Home Health

Gift Baskets

On 5/6/19, Janet Crane, Branch Manager delivered a “Texas themed” gift basket for Texas Home Health in Brenham. Kelly Olson, RN, accepted the gift basket on behalf on her co-workers. A big THANK YOU to Texas HH for being an awesome referral source for RAH!







Jeopardy with Hospice Brazos Valley/Brenham

On 3/20/19, Hospice Brazos Valley/Brenham met with Janet Crane, Branch Manager in Brenham, Texas. We shared information about Right at Home through a game called RAH Jeopardy. They did really well! Everyone seemed to enjoy the breakfast as well!

RAH Jeopardy Hospice Brazos Valley

Jeopardy with Hospice of South Texas

On 2/8/19, staff from Hospice of South Texas met with Janet Crane, Branch Manager/Right at Home. We played Jeopardy in an effort to learn more about Right at Home. Everyone seemed to have fun! Good breakfast items were available as well.

Right at Home Jeopardy

Our Caregiver of the Year

Our Caregiver of the Year Melody

On 1/15/19, Janet Crane, Branch Manager, had lunch with the 2019 RAH Austin-East franchise Caregiver of the Year winner - Melody Dussetschleger! What a great lady! It was so fun getting to know her on a more personal level. Thanks for all you do for our Seniors, Melody!






Medical Olympics in Brenham

Medical Olympics

On Saturday, 10/20/18, the Right at Home employees from San Marcos, Brenham & Austin met in Brenham for the Medical Olympics event. This event supports the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) at Brenham High School. These students shared their goals of becoming nurses, psychologists, PTs, forensic nurses, and special education teachers. We played lots of fun games like Red Cell/White Cell, Thirsty Patient and Attach the Electrodes. Fun was had by all participants!! Thanks to all the employees and students who took part.


Smithville Health Fair

Janet Crane, Branch Manager at Right at Home/Brenham participated in the Smithville Health Fair on Saturday Oct 6th. Seniors learned about the health services available to them in Bastrop County. Lots of vendors came out to share their services.

Smithville Health Fair

Breakfast with Advanced Home Health

Breakfast with Advanced Home Health

Janet Crane, Branch Manager for Right at Home Brenham met with nurses & therapists from Advanced Home Health on 9/17/18. They learned about RAH and how we can serve their patients. Breakfast was a big hit! Thanks to all everyone that participated in the in-service!




Services Discussion with Hospice of South Texas

Janet Crane, Branch Manager of Right At Home/ Brenham met with staff from Hospice of South Texas on 8/13/18. Social workers, CNAs, nurses & the Chaplain were represented. They were informed about RAH & what services we offer. Janet enjoyed the questions they asked!

Services Discussion with Hospice of South Texas

Caregiver Appreciation

Caregiver Appreciation

The Right at Home/Brenham office was able to show appreciation to their caregivers on 5/25/18. One CG was given a “Memorial Day goodie basket” as she accompanied the person she serves to the event. Others received a Sonic gift card. Everyone seemed to enjoy the homemade cake made by Shannon, CCM!





Senior Nutrition In-service

Senior Nutrition In-service

The staff at Hospice of South Texas participated in an in-service on 5/21/18 with Janet Crane, Branch Manager at Right at Home/Brenham. After fruit & donuts, a pop quiz was given! The discussion that followed focused on senior nutrition.




Good Nutrition for Seniors Discussion

good nutrition

On 5/15/18, staff from Jordan Home Health met with Janet Crane, Branch Manager for Right at Home/Brenham to discuss good nutrition for seniors. This group of healthcare providers is an awesome group! (And they’re pretty too!!)





Word in a Word at Kruse Village

Word in a Word at Kruse Village

Residents from Kruse Village played “Word in a Word” with Janet Crane, Branch Manager from Right at Home/Brenham on 4/23/18. Look how many words they made from the phrase FORMER FIRST LADY BUSH!







Senior Health Fair in Brenham

Janet Crane, Branch Manager & Shannon Powell, Client Care Manager attended the Senior Health Fair in Brenham, Tx. The participants enjoyed music, entertainment, door prizes, and lunch. They had a chance to learn about the services offered by Right at Home. Everyone had so much fun!

Senior Health Fair in Brenham

January 23, 2018 | Red Flag Assessment

Staff & therapists from 1st Texas Home Health/Sealy met with Janet Crane, Branch Manager on 1/23/18 to learn about the Red Flag Assessment. Good questions y'all!

Red Flag Assessment Learning 1st Texas Home Health Staff

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