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Female caregiver and female senior shopping for flower plants

The Gift of an Indoor Garden

If you’re caring for a senior, you understand the importance of always finding new ways to improve their quality of life. One activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages is gardening. Right at Home Brooklyn provides a few reasons why you should help your senior start indoor gardening. 

female caregiver helping serve a holiday meal to two seniors, one male, one female, and a younger female at a table in a dining room

Staying On Top of the Holiday Season

Right at Home - In-Home Caregivers in Brooklyn, NY- See how partnering with a home caregiver can help seniors in Brooklyn, NY manage the stresses of the holiday season.

Senior female in wheelchair with female caregiver shopping for flowers

Becoming A Home Care Aide

Right at Home, Home Care Aide in Brooklyn, NY- Becoming a home care aide means making a positive difference in the lives of Brooklyn, NY seniors that wish to age in place.

Female caregiver escorting a female senior on a path next to flowers, outside

Debunking Fall Myths

Right at Home Family Home Care Services in Brooklyn, NY- Seniors seeking our family home care services can receive assistance with fall prevention measures in Brooklyn, NY.

female caregiver cleaning counter-top while wearing gloves and a face mask with senior female watching

COVID-19 Precautions

Right at Home of Brooklyn, NY details what precautions they are taking to help protect seniors and caregivers from exposure to COVID-19 during the pandemic

Male caregiver helping an older male out of a car, with walker

Setting the Stage: Your Role When Providing A Loved One Care for Dementia

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, family members often initially take on the responsibility of caring for their loved ones.  In addition, they must also figure out how to balance care for themselves as well as life’s other priorities in the process. Right at Home Brooklyn, NY looks into the different stages of Dementia and explores the behaviors you can expect, and helps uncover your role in providing care for each stage.  

Help Prevent The Spread of COVID-19 to a Senior You Love

Right at Home Brooklyn knows that during this time it is incredibly important to protect our senior loved ones from COVID-19.  Right at Home provides tips and resources you can use to help prevent your senior loved one during this pandemic.  

Caregiver assisting senior during holidays

Jump Into Winter! Elderly and the Cold

With some of the highest records for cold weather, we try our best to stay warm. Imagine if we get cold so easily, what about our elders? The elderly tends to feel the cold weather more than us, so it’s more dangerous for them than it can be for us to be outside, or under heated, in the cold weather.

Senior client and family

Thanksgiving and Talking with Loved Ones About Aging at Home

Having a conversation with aging loved ones may not be the easiest of conversations to have, but it is much needed for them to age in place and in good health. Through it all we at Right at Home Brooklyn are here to help, especially in this time of giving.

Virtual Dementia Live training in Boro Park

Recently Walter Ochoa presented the Virtual Dementia Live training to a large group in the Boro Park area of Brooklyn.