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Published By on May 23, 2018

boro parkEvery community of people has been hit hard by Alzheimer’s and its effects of dementia. This disease plays no favorites and is thoroughly without prejudice as to who it attacks. You may be black, white, Asian, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist. It does not matter.

Recently, Walter Ochoa, director of Right at Home in Brooklyn, was invited to display his Virtual Dementia Tour to about two hundred Hasidic Jewish folks mostly from the Boro Park area of Brooklyn. This was our first experience presenting to a room of these delightful people. The attendees were thoroughly engaged. They were asking questions, making statements, responding to Walter’s questions, and showing that this topic was truly important to them. When it came time to ask for two volunteers to put on the virtual equipment, it only took a quick moment before two women came forward, interested to experience the effects of dementia. The entire room was fixed on these ladies as they tried to perform the simple tasks of folding socks or towels or trying to pour a cup of water. They just could not grasp the written instructions or comprehend the verbal ones given by Walter. The audience laughed out loud as one of the volunteers kept making humorous statements as to how she was feeling throughout the entire virtual experience.

We were glad everyone enjoyed themselves and even had some laughs because one thing is for sure; Alzheimer’s is no laughing matter, and those families who suffer with it need all the comfort and help we can give.

If you or anyone you know suffers from Alzheimer’s or any other illness and are in need of homecare, please contact our Right at Home office today. We are here to help.

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