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Caregiver assisting senior during holidays
Published By Rebecca Ochoa on December 10, 2018

As Thanksgiving came to an end, our end of year festivities are even closer. But no matter what you celebrate, I'm sure we can all agree that it is freezing cold. With some of the highest records for cold weather, we try our best to stay warm. Imagine if we get cold so easily, what about our elders? The elderly tends to feel the cold weather more than us, so it's more dangerous for them than it can be for us to be outside, or under heated, in the cold weather.

Keep Your Loved Ones Warm This Winter

The cold weather can make it hard for people to get around, especially the elderly. As this cold season passes by, sadly many are hurt by it. Many elderly people get sick during this time of year due to the cold and change of temperature from cold to hot whenever leaving and entering. New York City property owners are legally required to provide heat and hot water to their tenants. So whether they own or rent, make sure to ask your parents, grandparents, or any loved elder if their heaters are working and if it’s too hot, too cold, or just right. Here in New York City, you can call 311 with complaints or information over heaters. If they live in a rented place, they can also call 311 to let the owner know their complaints.

The dryness of the air can also be concerning, making it harder to breathe, so getting a humidifier or air filter can also be helpful. And if your loved one suffers from any chronic illnesses, they are more at chance of getting sick this winter. If they do go out, make sure they bundle up. You should ask them if they’re warm, if they need new jackets, if they need help with trips to the supermarket, or any other concerns you may have. You should also try to maintain contact with them throughout the day, calling at least once a day, to be sure they’re doing alright.

People usually believe that only in the heat you can get dehydrated, but you can from the cold too, so you and your loved ones should drink plenty of water in order to stay properly hydrated. Another serious problem is that most elderly stay home, leaving them stuck at home not doing anything so suggest them to stand and at least walk around the house to get in some exercise. This stimulates blood flow which is needed, but it also provides body heat which helps keep warm. This is especially true for arthritis patients who could easily have their bones stiffen if they aren't mobile and active. Being in the cold for too long could also give hypothermia.

This winter we want everyone to do as much as they can to have a happy and healthy new year and live a long happy life. If everyone follows this guide alone, imagine all the lives we'd be saving?

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