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Published By on March 07, 2018

francineChoosing the proper homecare agency is often a daunting task for family members who are trying to find the best care for their loved one. There are so many companies to choose from, and every one of them tells you they are the best. Often times, because families cannot tell one company from another, they end up selecting the cheapest priced company. This often results in a waste of money because cheap prices may mean poor service, leaving the families frustrated and the client in worse shape. Even social workers, who are the primary referral source to these family members, don’t really know what separates one homecare provider from another. How do you decide?

We at Right at Home of Brooklyn and Staten Island have made the choice much easier. “How?” you may ask. By offering services and benefits to our clients that clearly differentiate our agency from all others. One significant service is the addition of Ms. Francine Krawitzky, RN, to our full-time staff. Francine is a highly experienced and multi skilled nurse with years of experience in hospital, rehabilitation, and the homecare field. She’s mastered various fields of care such as Case Management, Supervisor for Acute Home Care for the elderly, Hospice Care for Home Patients, Long Term Care Rehabilitation Supervisor, and ER Nurse Specialist.

Each time a new client begins services with us, Francine will meet the client at their home on the very first day of homecare. A full assessment will be made of the client’s physical and mental condition allowing Francine to instruct the home health aide on how to provide the best care for each client individually. The benefit is every client and their family can be certain that the exact care required is provided to the client. This gives the client the best chance of recovery along with maintaining a comfortable lifestyle at home.

This kind of vigilance provided by Right at Home is unique to our industry and results in happier clients. Their families will have peace of mind in resting assured that their loved ones are safe, clean, and expertly cared for.

Choosing the right homecare agency should be an easy task. Thanks to Francine joining our team, selecting Right at Home makes it a simpler choice.

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