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Published By on February 19, 2018

maimonidesMaimonides Medical Center was once viewed simply as a neighborhood hospital. Today it is nationally recognized as a comprehensive medical community with specialties in various areas of medicine. Two of my children were born in this trusted hospital.

Recently, the Right at Home office of Brooklyn was invited to come and share their Virtual Dementia Tour to about fifteen hospital staff consisting of doctors, social workers, and administrators.
Walter Ochoa, the Director of Right at Home Brooklyn and the presenter of the Virtual Dementia Tour, found himself in a unique position during the training. You see, normally Walter allots one hour and fifteen minutes to present the full session, but about fifteen minutes into the training, Walter was surprisingly informed that he only had twenty-five minutes remaining instead of a full hour. With only the short time left, like a skier racing down the slope mastering each corner turn flawlessly all the while maintaining a steady calmness, Walter swiftly but ever so thoughtfully brought the audience to a place of intellectual and emotional satisfaction with a better understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

I must admit it was a little nerve tingling watching Walter navigate the PowerPoint slides and limiting his explanations to fit within the newly set time frame. The end result was applause by everyone for providing such useful information, and the request for us to come back again so others may see, learn, and participate in the unique experience.

Hopefully, when we return, we’ll get the full one hour and fifteen minutes because I’m not sure I could handle another race down the slopes.

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