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Published By on February 09, 2018

We are a nation that regularly shows public appreciation to our veterans. At ballgames a veteran will be asked to stand to the applause of the fans. The phrase “thank you for your service” is often said when a veteran is interviewed on tv or the radio.

Walter Ochoa, the owner and director of Right at Home of Brooklyn and Staten Island, has consistently shown respect to veterans by providing safe and compassionate home care to them and their families across New York City.  Recently, we invited our good friend, Evan Kaltman from the Veteran’s Assist Program, to explain to a room full of social workers and case managers how veterans can receive up to $2000 per month in-home care, at no cost to them, by working with his company and Right at Home.

The attendees were grateful for this insight. They told us they often come across veterans who need home care but may have a financial challenge to pay for it themselves. This $2000 can make all the difference between living at home with care and dignity or suffering with an uncertain future.

Right at Home Brooklyn is committed to being part of the solution to secure compassionate care for our veterans.

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