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Published By on February 13, 2018

SUNY Downstate Medical Center is recognized as one of the best hospitals in New York for the neurological treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders. That’s why Walter Ochoa, owner of Right at Home Brooklyn, was honored to be the featured speaker at one of their staff training programs. Walter was asked to present his Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT). In attendance were doctors, administrators, educators, social workers, and other hospital staff.

The session was highly interactive with lots of questions and comments from the group. The hour and fifteen minutes flew by. The two volunteers who went through the experiential portion of the tour seemed confused, agitated, and bewildered as they tried to perform the simple tasks requested of them, things like folding towels or writing a note or pouring a cup of water. All of these became burdensome to the volunteers, so much so that they actually just gave up and sat down.

As usual, many came up to Walter afterwards with more questions. What is also normal is the request to have Right at Home come back to present the VDT to staff who were not in attendance.

Considering the excellent reputation of SUNY Downstate Medical Center, it made us proud to know that that they recognize the power of the VDT and the excellent care provided by Right at Home for all seniors but especially those with Alzheimer’s.

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