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Family Home Care Services With A Focus On Physical Assistance in Brooklyn, NY

Right at Home is proud to help seniors remain safe; whether they’re still or on the move

Aging can pose many physical challenges that make completing daily tasks burdensome. While it may seem like it’s all part of the natural order of things, your loved one’s physical abilities are an important part of their safety and wellness. When mobility becomes a challenge, family home care services from Right at Home serving Brooklyn, NY can provide a supporting hand.

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Factors That Limit Mobility

Female caregiver escorting a female senior on a path next to flowers, outsideThere are several reasons a senior may face obstacles when it comes to their mobility, including:

  • Loss of muscles mass (less strength)
  • Stiff joints (less flexibility)
  • Change in gait (less balance)
  • Medical related injury or illness
  • Side effects of medications
  • Dietary issues
  • Fear of falling
  • Pain or discomfort while moving
  • General lack of physical activity

Whatever the cause, our team of caregivers can assist your loved one in completing their activities for daily living (ADLs) so they can remain independent at home. We can also help them work on maintaining their mobility or increase the chances of reclaiming mobility that has been lost.

Mobility Effects the Body & Mind

When loved ones live a sedentary lifestyle, they increase their risk of developing a serious disease or sustaining an injury. Memory, critical thinking, and comprehension can also diminish. Our team will work closely with your senior loved one to evaluate their current physical abilities and identify any impeding factors. We’ll then personalize their care plan with family home care services that encourage healthy movement.

Help Around the Home

Seniors can receive mobility assistance as soon as they wake up. We can help them start their day by assisting them with getting out of bed, bathing, and dressing. The rest of the day can then be filled with activities that encourage movement and productivity. This can include going to the grocery store and making meals, cleaning the home, doing laundry, or even dancing! Seniors with limited mobility can also receive assistance with transferring and positioning throughout the home.

Mindful Motivations

A negative state of mind can be both the determining factor and result of limited physical activity. Seniors may opt to remain still because they are anxious about things in their life, they are lonely, they have fears that they may fall and injure themselves, or they have nothing to motivate them. Know that our family home care services team isn’t just here to check off a to-do list. We’re here to listen to their worries, be a great companion, and give them the confidence they need to make each step.

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Right at Home is proud to be able to help seniors throughout Brooklyn, NY remain physically active and independent at home. If you have a loved one that can benefit from physical assistance services, fill out our online form or contact our office at (347) 554-8400.

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Take a fall risk assessment to evaluate your loved one’s safety in the home.

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