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Right at Home Landsdale's 2017 Caregiver of the Year 

From the desk of Jerry Lawson:

Roselaure - Caregiver of the Year 2017I am very pleased to announce Roselaure as our Right at Home 2017 Caregiver of the Year.

Roselaure has a quiet and gentle spirit. She is deeply committed to her profession as a Home Health Aide. Her clients love her because of her knowledge, the care she provides and her kindness. We always hear “she just fits Right in with us” from the families. While adhering to the clients care plan, she knows well how to make adjustments to meet any client’s needs or requests of the day.

Roselaure is a “worker bee”. She always treats the owner and staff with the utmost respect. She always keeps us updated on her client’s needs and changes. In her selfless attitude, we have never heard her complain about her clients, how much she works or any conflict with other caregivers. It’s those that go about, quietly doing their work and doing it exceptionally well that can sometimes be overlooked amidst the clamor of an average work day. But we have been watching Roselaure and seeing her rise and excel the past year in her job responsibilities, quality of work and growth as a team member that we could not pass up the opportunity to recognize her.

Congratulations Roselaure on a “Job Well Done”!

Jerry, Victoria & Elizabeth

Caregiver of the Quarter "Right Care Award" Winners

Meet Natasha Rivera, our 3rd Quarter 2017 “Right Care Award” Winner!

Natasha Rivera our Caregiver of the 3rd Quarter

We are very pleased to announce Natasha Rivera as the 3rd Quarter 2017 “Right Care Award” winner. Tasha joined Right at Home, Bucks & Montgomery Counties PA in 2012, making her one of our very first employees! Tasha is an experienced CNA and has been caregiving for over 20 years. She provides care to our clients with complex health issues and has the ability to connect with all her clients. Her faith based clients appreciate her willingness to participate in their daily devotions, which are important to their spirituality and also plays an important role in their daily overall well-being.

Tasha accepts many assignments: long-term and last minute shifts as a fill-in, which makes her dependable for our high skilled clients that cannot go without care when a shift comes open.  Tasha has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, which are evident in her ability to engage her clients and effectively communicate with our Right at Home office staff.  Her professionalism makes her a joy to work with.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Tasha for doing an excellent job so that together we all can continue to “Improve the Quality of Life for Those We Serve!”  We are proud to have her on our Right at Home team.

Congratulations Tasha on a “Job Well Done”!

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