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Our mission has always been to improve the quality of life for the seniors and adults with disabilities we serve. That means it's always about the people we serve and our dedicated team of caregivers and office members who work tirelessly to care for clients. We live and breathe our mission every day, with the goal of helping you navigate the journey. These are the people who work to bring you and your loved ones the highest caliber of in‑home care.

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June Barbetta

Director of Business

June was the first employee hired at the Langhorne office in 2010. Her daughter and the owner, Denise, were working at the concession stand at their son’s baseball game and Denise said she was looking for someone to run the office. Denise hit a "home-run” when June's daughter Lisa said "my mother would be perfect for you!” And, the rest is history! Now, June not only oversees all of the financial and budgetary activities of Right at Home, she also oversees the beautiful plants adorning her office. All of which are thriving!" 

Always having been a natural problem solver, June worked for a family practice doctor for 20 years before she started at Right at Home. She also had, in her words, “6 professional, successful, loving, and caring children!” In her free time, June likes to bake, read, and go to the beach. But most of all she loves spending time with her family!

White woman with black long sleeve top with printed collar with medium length blonde hair White woman with black long sleeve top with printed collar with medium length blonde hair

Julisa Boyer

Director of Caregivers and Client Affairs

Julisa is the Scheduling Manager here at Right at Home Langhorne. Her role is to coordinate the schedules of the caregivers and clients as well as oversees the Scheduling Coordinator team. She manages all cancelations, schedule changes, and resolves any conflicts which could arise regarding scheduling. She also sends updated caregiver credentials to all facilities. Julisa’s excellent multi-tasking and communication skills allow her to excel in this position. Julisa has been with Right at Home Langhorne since 2011. She originally was a home health aide and then joined the office staff in May of 2016.

Julisa takes great pride in the care that Right at Home provides to our clients and their families. She realized she had a passion for caring for the elderly after helping to take care of her grandmother who had Alzheimer’s.
Headshot of female wearing black v-neck top with medium brown hair Headshot of female wearing black v-neck top with medium brown hair

Nicole Beardslee

Director of Office Affairs

Nicole has been working for Right at Home Langhorne since 2011. She started out as a caregiver and joined the office staff team in 2017. Before working for Right at Home, Nicole worked as a CNA in a nursing home. Nicole is primarily responsible for making sure our office runs smoothly and she assists with scheduling.

Nicole’s great aunt is a nurse and she wanted to follow along in her footsteps. She had always seen the good in helping people. After watching her father battle a brain tumor, she knew she wanted to work in healthcare to provide support to those that need it most.

“Since I became a CNA I have always worked with the elderly. I have an extremely close relationship with my grand-mom and felt that I could make a difference in their lives.”
white female with long sleeve purple top on with straight medium length hair wearing glasses white female with long sleeve purple top on with straight medium length hair wearing glasses

Dan Fernandez

Sales and Marketing Director

Dan is the Sales and Marketing Director at Right at Home. Dan is trusting, friendly and very personable. That is why he meets with an array of people and establishments to make connections on behalf of Right at Home! The connections Dan makes while he is out in the field include but are not limited to Case Managers, Social Workers, Discharge Planners, Executive Directors of Rehabs, Assisted Living Communities, Directors of Nursing, Hospice Companies and various other referral sources. When Dan isn’t traveling for work, he is traveling for fun! He also enjoys attending live music/concerts, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Before settling down with us at Right at Home, Dan spent several years in Pharmaceutical Sales covering South FL, and West Philadelphia. Dan moved into a Sales and Marketing role in the Senior Living industry for a local Assisted Living/Memory Care community. He then moved into recruiting roles both within the Senior Living and Insurance industries. After working in Senior Living on the Assisted Living side for several years, Dan sought a return to the industry and recalled an earlier positive experience using Right at Home for a family member a few years back! So, when Dan says he knows how you feel, it isn’t just marketing, he really means it!! Nowadays, Dan really enjoys meeting with social workers and offering solutions to alleviate the demands of their job. In his former career Dan was a President’s Club winner in the pharmaceutical industry, honoring the top 5% sales reps in the nation! He also ranked #1 Rep in the nation in Q4 of that year. Being number one in the nation is cool, but Dan thinks being number one Dad to his wonderful daughter Kylie is the coolest!

White male with long sleeve light blue button down collared shirt White male with long sleeve light blue button down collared shirt

Steven Eisen

Human Resources Director

Steve has the best of both worlds. Besides being Right at Home’s Human Resource Director, he is also retired! When Steve is finished keeping the organization current with the constantly changing regulations at Right at Home, monitoring employee activities, and making certain that employees are happy, he gets to go home and expand his knowledge of American history and watch his favorite sports! Steve loves helping staff out and he is great at it, but he says his most prominent accomplishment is having three successful children. When he is not spending time with family, he is traveling all over the globe including places like Italy, Switzerland, England, Scotland, all over the U.S. and Israel!

Prior to his position at Right at Home, Steve had a long career at Penn Medicine. Retired in June of 2018, he started working in auto parts and then eventually put his resume back on Indeed for Denise to find. After the interview with Denise, Steve felt the organization was well managed and professional and wanted to be a part of it for the next phase of his career and the feeling is mutual to this day!
Male with glasses with a button down collared shirt Male with glasses with a button down collared shirt

Melissa Gonzalez


Melissa is Right at Homes’ Scheduler meaning she schedules and coordinates day to day activities of caregivers while identifying client needs and assuring all client shifts are covered with an appropriate caregiver. Melissa has a talent for what she does, but she most enjoys communicating with clients and ensuring that they are provided great services! By day she coordinates activities for caregivers but by night Melissa coordinates appointments with muscle cars and video games. Melissa specifically has a passion for American muscle cars and her dream car is a Chevy Monte Carlo 88 ss!

Before she started her position with Right at Home, Melissa spent many years at a Health Services establishment as a Scheduler as well. In between thriving in her career and dedicating time to practicing her hobbies, she was able to pay off her house at the impressively young age of 23! With this track record she’ll surely get that dream car! After taking care of her grandmother as a home health aide, Melissa decided that she wanted to grow her career in this field, and that she did.

Black female in a long sleeve black sweater Black female in a long sleeve black sweater

Kerry Lloyd

Social Media Coordinator

Kerry holds the role of social media coordinator at Right at Home. It's in this role where she utilizes her expertise in marketing and her genuine desire to engage with people to make a positive impact. Kerry finds immense joy in her work, particularly in dedicating her time, love, and energy to crafting engaging social media posts. The feedback and engagement these posts receive is her favorite part.

Alongside her position at Right at Home, Kerry continues to excel as a social media coordinator at Corvette America. One of Kerry's notable achievements was the remarkable growth of Corvette America's page, which saw a surge of over 100% in engagement in just one year.

After gaining valuable experience as a Social Media Marketing Manager for two years, Kerry decided to explore new opportunities and found herself at Right at Home. The company's focus on helping people aligned perfectly with Kerry's core values, making it an ideal fit!

Outside of her professional endeavors, Kerry's personal hobbies revolve around the arts. Whether she's creating cover art, crafting animations, or producing music videos, she finds fulfillment in expressing herself through various artistic mediums.

Young white woman with long red hair in a green top and a scarf tied around her neck Young white woman with long red hair in a green top and a scarf tied around her neck

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