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Published By Denis Bernstein on September 28, 2018

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Right at Home September 2018 Newsletter Special Edition

What is a Core Value?

caregiverSimply put, a core value is a deeply held belief that determines how a person behaves in different situations. Most people have more than one core value. Core values help a person know the difference between right and wrong. They impact our lives in many ways every day. Businesses use core values to guide their decisions to make sure that their employees are reaching the company’s goals. Did you know that we, here, at Right at Home, have a set of core values that we use to measure how well we are meeting our goals? Do you know what they are? Read on to find out more!

Right at Home’s Core Values


Cooperate with each other 
► Unite and work together
► Recognize when someone needs help


► Do not judge
► Be caring and sympathetic toward others
► Treat each other with consideration and provide assistance understanding


► Speak up in support of those in need
► Fight for what is right 
► Be strong and change what is wrong 


► Admit and learn from your mistakes
► Take responsibility for the work you do
► Justify your actions and decisions


► Make a commitment and keep it
► Dedicate yourself to doing your best each day
► Devote yourself to those we serve


► Be proud of what you do
► Celebrate your successes
► Be honored that you’re making a difference

Our Caregivers are probably thinking, “What does this have to do with me?” That’s a great question!

The answer is…EVERYTHING! We depend on you to represent our core values with each other and our clients. To show our appreciation for those caregivers that display one or more of our core values we are starting a new reward program called the Caregiver Core Value Reward. All of the names of caregivers nominated for core values will go into a drawing. The caregiver whose name is chosen will receive $50!

Introducing the Caregiver Core Value Reward!

How Does it Work?

Every morning during our office stand up meeting we nominate at least one caregiver that displays one or more of our core values. Caregivers may be nominated more than once. All nominated caregiver’s names are put into a box for a drawing that will take place near the end of each month. The more times you are nominated, the more chances you have to win! The winner will get their picture taken with a large presentation check that will be posted on our website with a brief description of why they were nominated. We will also announce the winner in our monthly newsletter. Once the drawing has taken place, the box will be emptied and we will start over with collecting names of nominated caregivers.

How Can I Be Nominated?

So far, caregivers have been nominated for always showing up for their scheduled shifts, showing compassion with a difficult client or during a challenging situation, staying with a client when their relief was late, covering a shift on short notice, and compliments from a client’s family. In other words, living our core values.

RightPeople, RightServices, RightApproach

We want to congratulate the following caregivers who were nominated for this month:

  • Mieata Hilton – Compassion with client Betty A. Was nominated a second time for Teamwork & Compassion for compliments from Stella D’s family.
  • Hawa Goba – Compassion with caring for client Genevieve M.
  • Ecelo Rollison –Compassion & Pride for compliments from client Laura M’s family.
  • Yvonne Barnes – Teamwork & Loyalty for covering a shift with short notice.
  • Vivian Cooper – Teamwork, Loyalty, Compassion for taking over another caregiver’s shifts last minute. Was nominated a second time for staying with client when relief was late. Was nominated 2 additional times for Teamwork, Advocacy, Loyalty, Compassion, Accountability, & Pride.
  • Salamatu Jalloh – Teamwork for staying with a client when her relief was late.
  • Elaine Graham – Compassion & Advocacy with client Elizabeth B.
  • Agnes Mensah – Compassion with client Lee M.
  • Jartu Holmes – Compassion, Advocacy, & Accountability with client Dorle W. Was nominated a second time for displaying Teamwork, Advocacy, Loyalty, Compassion, Accountability, & Pride.
  • Erica Whyte - Compassion with client Shirley O.
  • Katie Traore – Loyalty. Clients and staff at PPH commented on her dependability, pleasantness, and dedication.
  • Deon Mckenzie-Wint – Teamwork, Loyalty, & Compassion for staying with a client when her relief was late.
  • Avis Spence – Teamwork, Advocacy, Loyalty, Compassion, Accountability, Pride.
  • Sylvia Karim – Loyalty, Accountability, Compassion with clients.
  • Lorna Malcolm – Teamwork, Loyalty, and Compassion with clients.
  • Viola Gobah – Loyalty & Compassion for helping out last minute and being a great caregiver.
  • Hilda Mlawa – Advocacy, Compassion, & Pride with client Mildred C.
  • Hope Idowu - Loyalty & Compassion for very high praise from client Eileen W.
  • Euphemia Brown – Teamwork, Advocacy, Loyalty, Compassion, Accountability, & Pride with client Maxine E.

Thank you for living our core values!!!

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