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Published By Denise B. on December 17, 2018

Working with Healthcare Professionals to Avert Hospitalizations and Re-Admissions

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Did you know?

Right at Home’s proprietary system prompts caregivers to observe patient/clients change of condition at the end of every shift.

This is tailored specifically for recovering, high-risk patients/clients.

How do we achieve our mutual care goals?

* Training - caregivers are trained in five Change-in-Condition categories. Observation and reporting procedures are outlined.

* Assessment of all patient/clients to establish a baseline condition and create a patient-specific CarePlan.

* Systemized Prompting at End of Shift - Our proprietary software prompts caregivers to observe any Change-in-Condition.

* Observation/Reporting - All caregiver responses are logged. Positive responses for Change-in-Condition are reported to our Client Care Coordinator.

* Verification - Within 24 hours, our Client Care Coordinator visits the client/patient to reassess and verify Change-in-Condition.

* Protocol/Take Action - With a verified Change-in-Condition, Right at Home communicates with the client/patient’s care stakeholders including the family, social worker or discharge planner, case manager, and primary care physician.

Your Goals are Our Goals – Favorable outcomes, a good care experience, and lower total cost.

For more information on change-in-condition monitoring, call our office at 267-568-2638.

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