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Published By Denise B. on November 23, 2018

Professional Caregivers Week

November 12-16, 2018

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Right at Home recognizes and appreciates the hard work our caregivers do every day to care for our clients. We recognize caregiving as a profession and are excited to announce our inaugural Professional Caregivers Week, November 12-18, 2018.

Below, we would like to introduce you to one of our Caregivers, Hilda Mlawa, who exemplifies our Core Values of teamwork, compassion, advocacy, accountability, loyalty, and pride! Thank you, Hilda!


Caregiver Spotlight - Hilda Mlawa

caregiver, Hilda Mlawa

Hilda Mlawa has been a caregiver for Right at Home since 2015. As someone who has always lived up to our core values, she was the right person to provide long-term care for one of our more difficult clients. Hilda remains completely devoted to her client and even when some days are trying, she works 6 days a week to make sure her client receives the best care.

Hilda noticed an increase in tremors in her client, which made transfers challenging. She observed the increase just after her medication doses had been adjusted. She advocated for her client to the nurses who then made the doctor aware. With a medication adjustment and physical therapy, Hilda's client improved.

On a different occasion, Hilda started to notice a decrease in her client’s hearing. During daily ear cleanings, she experienced excessive wax build-up in her client's ears. Hilda reported to the nurses and advocated to get an appointment with an ENT. She accompanied her client to the appointment and as soon as irrigation was completed, her hearing greatly improved. Hilda's client called it a “miracle.”

Although Hilda doesn't always feel appreciated by her client, she knows she's providing her the best care and that Right at Home and the client's family appreciate her dedication. Hilda exemplifies our Core Values every day and we are very grateful to have her on our team.

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