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On-The-Job Training

Right at Home of Center City Philadelphia offers a number of educational and training programs to our caregivers on a regular basis. The practice keeps the team informed and make sure that everybody has the tools to provide the best care to our clients.

Our training programs include:

Virtual Dementia Tour

Caring for someone with dementia requires a special kind of person; someone who is empathetic, patient and understanding, but how can a person who cares for someone with dementia be empathetic when they have never experienced its reality? 

Right at Home wants to help those serving seniors better understand a person’s daily struggles with dementia by offering the Virtual Dementia Tour®.

Second Wind Dreams

virtual dementia tourThe Virtual Dementia Tour® was developed by P.K. Beville, M.S., founder of Second Wind Dreams. Second Wind Dreams is committed to changing the perception of aging through the development of the Virtual Dementia Tour® (VDT) Series.

The tour is a scientifically proven method designed to build sensitivity and awareness in individuals caring for those with dementia.

To Understand The Challenges of Those With Dementia

Learning to create a positive environment for those with dementia can only come from attempting to walk in their shoes. The tour is a dementia simulation tool created for anyone seeking to understand the physical and mental challenges of those with dementia. During the tour, cognitively sound participates are transported into the world of dementia and experience the challenges faced by people affected by dementia while in a familiar environment. This valuable experience is designed to help caregivers identify with and understand patient’s or loved one’s behaviors and needs.

caregiver in virtual dementia tourcaregiver trying virtual dementia tour      caregiver sipping water in virtual dementia tour

Tools and Tips For Caregivers

The experience offers hope to caregivers and provides tips and tools necessary to create an environment that supports the disease and lessons confusion. This experience has been proven to improve communication and care and sheds light on the experiences that your patients or loved ones may be experiencing each and every day.

Dementia Care Program

caregiver receives certificate

The unique needs of dementia care require specialized training and knowledge. Trained caregivers of Right at Home provide families with individualized, compassionate care for their loved ones. 

A Registered Nurse conducts monthly dementia trainings in our office. The curriculum is designed to empower our caregivers and staff members to provide effective and personalized care.

Dementia patients may experience / have:

  • Emotional and behavioral changes
  • Personality changes
  • Physical and sensory challenges
  • Impaired problem solving skills

Dementia Training

Our caregivers learn the types of challenges that Dementia patients may go through:

  • Understand the emotional and behavioral variations of the client
  • Promote independence of the client whenever possible
  • Listen effectively to verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Overcome care plan obstacles through redirection
  • Engage the client in activities without over stimulating him/her
  • Apply problem solving techniques to daily challenges
  • Reduce the client’s anxiety by maintaining familiar routines
  • Assist with peer socialization
  • Encourage the client to participate in appropriate physical activities
  • Respond positively to difficult care situations
  • Preserve the individuality and dignity of the client
  • Provide a sense of security, familiarity, and structure

Q&A Sessions

A Q&A session is held at the end of each training. Caregivers will receive an information packet that contains dementia care tips. They are encouraged to bring the package along to each assignment. Caregivers will also be awarded a certificate that proves their completion of this program and the Virtual Dementia Tour® training.

Hospice Program

Our Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse conducts monthly hospice training to educate and support our caregivers and office staff. The program covers the philosophy and history of hospice, it also examines the caregiver’s role in supporting a client and family.

Focus of Care

Hospice Care is a unique specialty that focuses on Comfort and Quality of Life. This care is an option given to clients who have a life expectancy of 6 months or less and qualify with Hospice criteria.

We want our caregivers to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and the emotional ability to accompany their Hospice clients on their Final Journey. It is imperative that our caregivers see Hospice as Living one day at a time, not dying one day at a time.

Hospice Training

A member of our Nurse Manager team who has been certified in Hospice and Palliative Care since 1992 has developed a Hospice Inservice for our caregivers to gain knowledge and confidence to provide care to their hospice clients.The inservice includes the history of hospice and how it made its way to the US in the 1970’s.It explores the difference between skilled Home Care and Hospice at Home Clients.


Emphasis is placed on the impact that end of life care has not only on their clients but their families as well.We also are able to allow our caregivers to explore their feelings concerning death /dying to enable them to vocalize their own fears and personal experiences with End of Life.

Caregivers are educated on the focus of their care which includes Tip Sheets from HPNA to deal with symptom management, comfort and emotional support. The caregivers complete a short quiz Pre and Post Hospice Inservice. They can see how many times their perception of Hospice has changed at the completion. At this point they receive a Hospice Inservice Certificate of Achievement.

What is the role of the caregiver?

  • implement a collaborative care plan
  • learn more about members of the hospice team
  • understand the hospice regulations, benefits and mission
  • communicate with the interdisciplinary hospice and palliative care providers
  • document the patient’s physical changes
  • understand the special needs of patients with chronic and terminal illnesses
  • provide support to the patient’s family

Goal of Hospice Training

The importance of Hospice education is vital for the success of our caregivers. They are better prepared to provide Hospice support and able to have a sense of accomplished goals even if the end result is the death of their client. We promote communication with our client’s hospice so our caregivers are recognized as a vital part of the care plan and team.

Q&A Sessions

A Q&A session is held at the end of each training. Caregivers will be provided with tip sheets in accordance with the National Hospice & Palliative Care Association (NHPCA). They will also be awarded a certificate of completion and receive one-on-one support while caring for a hospice client.

Right at Home of Center City | Philadelphia employs technology enhancements to track our hospice clients and match them with caregivers who have completed hospice training. Our team also pays supervisory visits to, and keeps communication logs to communicate with the hospice team on a regular basis.

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