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RightTransitions Improves Patient Outcomes

Many geriatric patients don’t get the extended care they need after an injury or illness and end up back in your healthcare facility, costing you more resources.

Your organization may be, or already has been, negatively affected by readmissions. Acute care facilities with high rates of avoidable readmissions continue to face penalties, and even risk the elimination of all Medicare payments. Right at Home offers its RightTransitions program as a solution to help you avoid these penalties and save your organization money.


Estimated decrease in Medicare payments due to HRRP1 penalties in FY 2019

1 Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program
(Source: CMS)

Key Components of a Successful Transition Program

Empowering your patients with a successful discharge plan that includes RightTransitions can significantly reduce the risk of readmissions and increase overall patient satisfaction with your facility.

Enhanced Communication Between Care Providers and Patients

  • Care coordination
  • Care plan adherence
  • Post-acute care plan follow-up
  • Communication with all care providers

Follow-up and Transportation to Physicians

  • Ensuring follow-up with MD/PCP/specialists
  • Transportation assistance
  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment attendance

Clear Instructions on Post-Discharge Care and Medications

  • Essential reminders
  • Adherence to discharge instructions
  • Care plan education
  • Nutrition / hydration
  • Timely initiation of care

Provide Proactive Solutions

  • Care coordination
  • Assistance with dietary restrictions/changes
  • Fall risk reduction
  • "Eyes and ears" of in-home, nonmedical care for high-risk, complex cases

How RightTransitions Improves Patient Outcomes

Resources for Professionals

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