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Are you looking for a job where you are respected, trusted and part of a true team? Then becoming a Right at Home caregiver may be the job for you. Right at Home is a leading, national in-home care company that fosters a culture of teamwork, trust and support, so we can deliver the highest possible quality of life for our clients. We believe our team members are our greatest asset, and that it is they who build our outstanding national reputation for in-home care of seniors and those with disabilities. If you want to feel valued, and you enjoy helping others, then this could be the right place for you.


We are looking for compassionate, caring, responsible people who want to make a difference in others’ lives. You may be just right for us if:

  • You’re a retiree or empty nester looking for meaningful part-time employment
  • You’re new to the job force and want to build a successful career in healthcare
  • You have experience caring for a friend or loved one
  • You’ve worked as a professional caregiver for another company
  • You are working towards a CNA or RN degree



It will be right for you if you like the idea of:

  • Flexible hours and competitive pay with shifts as short as three hours
  • Respect and empowerment as part of a caring, supportive team
  • An independent work environment with a Right Care supervisor just a call away
  • Learning new skills in the field of senior care
  • Building one-on-one relationships with clients and their families
  • A rewarding career with growth and ongoing training opportunities
  • Paid time off after one year



Our caregivers do. Just see what some of them have to say.

“I could not feel any more supported and valued than at this company.” - Caregiver of One Year, and counting.

“I feel like (Right at Home) really respects the caregivers. I’ve worked at other companies are treated like second-class citizens.” - Caregiver of 5 Years

“Your complete and unwavering dedication to your clients and caregivers never ceases to amaze me. When I participated in the recent (Right at Home) phone survey, I had to stop halfway and say ‘Look, I know my feedback might sound too good to be true, but honestly, this company really IS that good.” - Caregiver of 10 years


    What are the educational requirements for a team member? What are the physical requirements for a caregiver?
  1. How are caregivers are assigned to clients?
  2. What kind of training is provided? Do you provide or pay for training?
  3. How are support teams organized? What support do they provide?
  4. I’m a retiree, and would like to work part-time. What are the daily tasks required?
  5. Is night or weekend work required?
  6. My schedule can be erratic. How flexible are your hours? Can scheduling accommodate me?
  7. Will I be assigned to more than one client? Or will I be dedicated to just one person?
  8. Will I have any say in who I am assigned to?
  9. As a healthcare professional already, what can I expect from this job?
  10. I am new to the United States. What level of English competency do you require? Is speaking another language ever an advantage?
  11. Will this job require that I own or have access to a car?
  12. How is pay structured?

To learn about potential homecare job opportunities in your area, use the Job Opportunities Locator.

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