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OT Students Become Dementia Friends

I provided another Dementia Friends Information Session at Allen College in Waterloo, IA to a class of occupational therapy students on June 1, 2023. I am always happy to explain dementia and its ramifications to a younger generation preparing to enter the workforce, especially in the healthcare field.

These students will be better prepared to successfully treat older adults living with dementia as they work toward functional ability goals. It is so important to know how our communication style needs to be adapted when working with patients who have Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of dementia. For example, we need to allow more time and patience when asking them to perform tasks or exercises, breaking instructions down into shorter, more simple words and phrases.

Our approach as health care providers really sets the stage for accomplishing the treatment plan we have created to maintain independence for patients living with dementia.  If you are a student or educator, please consider scheduling this Dementia Friends Information Session for your class!  Call
319-287-1182 for more information!

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