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Published By S. Humphries on May 20, 2020

Happy Spring!

My calendar is usually packed with community events and meetings but the Corona Virus pandemic has put those activities on hold which has been difficult for me. I so enjoy getting out and visiting with people! That’s why I was encouraged on April 30th when my husband brought our ice cream truck to The Keystones of Cedar Rapids! We own a seasonal ice cream shop called The Freeze in Marion and it was so fun to offer our frozen treats to the residents on a sunny and slightly chilly spring afternoon. It was one of the few opportunities they had to get outside and possibly relive some childhood memories of when an ice cream truck would cruise their neighborhoods. We all wore masks and practiced social distancing but it was still nice to see and visit with my friends and colleagues at The Keystones. It gave me hope for brighter days and a return to a more normal way of life.

The Freeze Ice Creme TruckThe word got out about our visit and we were contacted by Stoney Point Meadows, The Views of Marion, as well as The Views of Cedar Rapids to deliver our handmade frozen treats in a good-old-fashioned ice cream truck. My husband and I hope to bring Right at Home together with The Freeze to create fun and tasty events for our community, especially the senior community. A sure sign of fun times to come! 

- Stephanie


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