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Published By S. Humphries on January 23, 2019

How We Treat Our Aging Skin and the Effects Winter Can Have On It

Our skin is the largest organ of the body covering an average of 20 sq ft! It is extremely important for its ability to protect us from bacteria and microbes, regulate body temperature, regenerate and heal quickly from injury. Skin is composed of many layers of different types of tissue all with different properties and skin contains nerves and a blood supply. As we age, skin loses its structure, weakens and becomes more thin and fragile. All more reasons to really care for our skin during the winter when temperatures are cold and the air is so dry.

What are some steps for pampering our skin?

Hydration is the key, both inside and out, so drink plenty of water and follow a healthy diet. Diets rich in vitamins A, C, and E help promote skin integrity, prevent damage, and speed healing. It is recommended that we take fewer hot showers in the winter months and to use a humidifier in our homes to try to replace the loss of moisture from our skin. We should apply lotions that contain natural ingredients without perfumes and dyes and do so right after bathing when the pores of the skin are most accepting of moisture.

Right at Home caregivers can also help seniors follow these suggestions as part of a comprehensive care plan to optimize skin health in the winter!

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