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Meeting Future Nurses at Kirkwood

I think most people have heard of the nurse shortage in the U.S. and this predicament does not show signs of changing any time soon!  We have participated in community recruitment activities for several years, most recently, Kristin Woodland represented us at a Nursing Job Fair at Kirkwood Community College on September 21, 2023.

 Kristin is our Office Manager and works hard to hire the best care staff for our clients. She shared her enthusiasm for home care as she visited with nursing students looking for employment opportunities after graduation. Nurses have many choices these days for work environments from intensive care units, long term care facilities, behavioral health, and physician offices. It is our responsibility to “sell” the benefits of working in home health with not only making a difference in the lives of older adults but challenging, diverse caseloads, flexibility with scheduling, and higher than average compensation.

The future is in home health care as people choose to have more treatments administered at home while hospitals strive to reduce readmissions. If you feel you would be a good candidate to provide home health nursing care, give Kristin a call today!

S. Humbphries
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