Giving a Presentation on Home Medical Equipment

Safety, Maintenance, Purpose, and Where to Find

I was so excited to get in front of people again when I did a presentation on February 9, 2021 at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Marion, IA for a support group called LADOS- Life After Death Of Spouse! I had presented for this group in 2019 and hadn’t been back due to the pandemic. With masks and social distancing in place, I discussed important information about common pieces of Home Medical Equipment including safety, maintenance, purpose, and where to find and how to get them. I created this presentation for Linn County TRIAD for which I am a board member and speaker. TRIAD is a non-profit organization made up of seniors, members of law enforcement, and businesses who work to optimize the well-being of older adults.

The primary takeaways of my presentation were the importance of proper fit and training for the safe use of home medical equipment. Also, most of this equipment requires a power source, either electricity or batteries, so there needs to be a plan in place for powering it in the event of an extended power outage in the community. Many people learned this the hard way after the derecho storm in 2020! More and more people are managing health conditions at home and I have read about “hospital-at-home” programs that provide hospital-level of care in one’s home, so the need for knowledge of common types of home medical equipment will only grow in the future.

Our caregivers are capable of assisting with home medical equipment in addition to the other home care services we provide with the goal of helping people stay safe, comfortable, and independent at home.

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