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Stephanie Humphries Joins Iowa's News Now: Knowing the Signs of a Stroke

May is Stroke Awareness Month so it is a good time to review what a stroke is and signs to be aware of if you or a loved one think you might be experiencing one. Right at Home Owner Stephanie Humphries Joins Iowa's News Now to discuss knowing the signs of a stroke.

Stephanie Humphries Joins Iowa's News Now: Men and Their Health

Older men in particular may downplay signs and symptoms of health issues and fail to report them in time to prevent larger problems and, therefore, threaten their physical independence and overall quality of life. Watch Right at Home Owner Stephanie Humphries discuss men and their health.

Foods and Medications to Avoid if Being Treated for Heart Disease

People who have been diagnosed with heart disease need to modify their diets and avoid certain over-the-counter medications and foods that can adversely interact with the medications commonly prescribed to treat heart disease. Stephanie joined Iowas News Now to discuss foods and medications to avoid if being treated for heart disease.

Now Is a Good Time To Check Your Home For Safety

The bathroom is the number one room in the house where if a fall were to occur, it would generally happen there. In the midst of staying home during Covid, now is the time to look over your home for where you can increase your safety.

Right at Home Cedar Rapids on Local News CBS2/Fox28

Right at Home Cedar Rapids Owner Stephanie Humphries joined CBS2/Fox28 to speak about the importance of helping senior loved ones avoid dehydration.

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